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" We trust them with all of our IT needs, and know that everything that we’re doing for our business is safe and secure an is in very good hands."

Walter Coyle

Pedone Media


Pedone Media uses Xperteks® to help their business run smoothly and more efficiently.

Pedone Media Advertising, a media planning and buying agency in New York City with domestic and international clients.

The Problem

Pedone Media Advertising came to us because they could not afford any computing downtime whatsoever. Their business operations depended on the responsiveness, and ability to respond to their client-base with an enterprise-type of reliability and infrastructure.

The Solution

  • Gains Mac-Based Managed Service Provider

    Pedone Media uses a Mac-Based infrastructure with all of their systems running Microsoft and Adobe Design Mac-based applications. They needed all their end-users to effectively get immediate help with their workstations so they wouldn’t risk missing any deadlines. They also required an effective way to deliver any files to their clients in a secured way.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Timely Responses to any Mac IT Concerns

    Xperteks® offered Pedone Media an Apple-centric Managed I.T. Support program, which included 24/7 monitoring of all their systems, vendor management, and Helpdesk. Xperteks® also integrated all their Mac servers including an FTP system that allowed Pedone Media to quickly send files via a Mac-Based “Drop Ship” FTP server to all their domestic and international clients, in a quick, and secure way.

  • Secured and Stable Running Systems for Over 15 Years

    These systems along with our fully Managed IT Support program has kept Pedone Media’s infrastructure running smooth, continually maintained, and It has allowed employees to get instant support via our helpdesk. Using our Managed IT Services, Pedone Media has grown their business and has only needed to concentrate on what they do best. With Xperteks®, Pedone Media feels confident that any hiccups along the way would be handled in a timely, professional manner which is the why they have trusted Xperteks® for over 15 years.

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