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  • Managed IT Services PC & Apple Support

    Gain peace of mind by choosing one of our flat-fee, pro-active, secure management & maintenance packages with complete coverage for your Network Servers, PC's, iMacs, Mac books, iPads, & iPhones.
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization

    Cloud Computing & Virtualization

    Streamline your business by having cloud enterprise email, file sharing, and collaboration tools to beat your competition. Gain business flexibility by virtualizing and consolidating your IT Infrastructure.
  • Security Services & Business Continuity

    Security Services & Business Continuity

    Protect your data & defend your business against cyber attacks, viruses, malware, intruders & disgruntled employees. Ensure your business can recover from an unexpected disaster or human error quickly and effectively.
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Xperteks has been with us right from our early days . They help us solve problems

as we continue to grow in our fast paced business. Xperteks even helped us develop

our IT platform. We couldn’t achieve where have gotten without them.

Frederic Carpenter
Creative Director
Frederic Carpenter

They are like our in-house IT Support Team.  They are one phone call away- easy and

accessible to reach.

Julie Coventry
Production Manager
Cynthia Rowley
Julie Coventry

We approached Xperteks to help provide security with our electronic medical

records.   As our relationship has grown in the last 3 years, they provide us with

comprehensive technical support for our medical office.

Dr. Max Van Gilder
West Care Medical
Dr. Max Van Gilder

We signed a service contract with them because we have that much confidence in them.  IPI has been very pleased

with the service. Make a phone call or go online, and we get immediate response. I

highly recommend them!

Bobby Nogueras
Operations & Accounting Manager
Institute for Private Investors
Bobby Nogueras

They have been our internal IT department and have been incredibly responsive to our needs. 

They are like our right hand. They are constantly in touch with us. The gentlemen who work there are

like our family. We trust them with all our IT needs.

Walter Coyle
Pedone Media
Walter Coyle

For the past 15 years, we have been using Xperteks. They have done a great job for

us as we have grown. We value the relationship with them. They give us sensible

solutions as we grow our business further.

Christopher Nunes
Cornerstone Strategic Branding
Christopher Nunes

In our 3 years, we have grown to have a great partnership.

They do a wonderful job with vendor management. I highly recommend Xperteks.

Pedro Herrera
IT Director
Pedro Herrera

We use Xperteks, because they solve a simple problem. Once something goes wrong,

I make a phone call or send an email, and I know a solution is on its way. Quickly,

easily, and without any hassle!

William Kay Rood
Harry’s Shoes

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