Our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solution delivers layers of protection; ensuring threats are stopped in their tracks.  

Use a Secure Global Network

When faced with distributed teams connecting remotely, the ubiquity of cloud services, lateral threat movement and multiple office locations, modern businesses require security beyond the perimeter. Today's dedicated secure global network, or SGN, allows multiple offices, remote employees, data centers, and cloud services to all communicate privately and securely with ease.

Network Security & SGN

  • Cloud VPN (SGN)
  • ZeroTrust (SGN)
  • Stateful Firewall with DPI
  • Web Proxy Malware Scanning
  • Anonymized Public IP for Privacy
  • Mandatory Encryption via Defender
    (Protects against rogue AP/eavesdropping attacks)
  • Secure DNS w/ AD Integration

Incident Response & SOAR

  • Integrated SIEM
  • AI Alert Analysis & Incident Creation (Separate signal from the noise)
  • Integrated Incident Response Playbooks
  • Quarantine capability for infected devices

Governance, Regulatory, & Compliance

  • NIST Framework Assistant with Content for Every Guideline
  • NIST Response Tracking and Guidance for Security Assessments
  • 20 Integrated Policy Templates Integrated and Mapped to NIST Guidelines
  • Compliance Wizard Scans 100+ Regulations
  • Regulations and Compliance Policy Mapping and Response Population

Threat Intelligence

  • Continuous Cloud Intelligence Updates
  • Real time Threat Analysis
  • Integrated Intelligence from mix of Paid, Open Source, and Deep/Dark Web Sources
  • Curated Weekly Intelligence Reports

Use a Secure Global Network


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