How Do We Secure your Business? Layers.

Our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solution delivers layers of protection; ensuring threats are stopped in their tracks.  

Deploy Next Generation Zero Trust End-Point Security Software

AppGuard’s endpoint zero trust is based on patented higher abstractions that simplify policy formulation and automatically adapt to lifecycle changes. For example, app containment begins with its parent executable and automatically extends to any resulting process from the app’s operation. This means very little state information is required for policy formulation, and updates/patches do not necessitate policy updates. Further, it accounts for the unanticipated.

Over 90% of enforced policies are defined by default. Agents typically run many months without policy updates some have run for years. Containment is enforced uniformly to all at-risk apps, avoiding the app-specific policy quagmires of alternatives.

Our clients praise AppGuard’s real-time protection effectiveness and its near set-and-forget operations. Endpoint zero trust defeats malware without having to detect it, resulting in better protection and fewer operations. Further, other cyber defense layers see substantially lower alert volumes because malware attacks are stopped at endpoints in real time.

The Endpoint Zero Trust Framework

Cyber Security
Contain Contain - unacceptable actions from high risk applications and utilities
Isolate Isolate - access and/or alteration of resources
Deny Deny - launched of untrustworthy executables, scripts, remote code


Reduce - expose from unnecessary utilities and capabilities


Permit - use of capabilities suppressed by 'deny' and 'reduce'


Demote - processes created in specific ways, making them harmless


Use-Case How Zero Trust Mitigates Risks &  Accommodates Legitimate Usage
Unpatched App or Zero-Day Exploit Does not allow an App or any process it spawns to install malware or steal/alter the memory of other App/OS processes. This alleviates patch/vulnerability management pressure. For AppGuard, containing an App is as simple as adding a song to a playlist, and it does not require adjustments later.
Drive-by Download Scripts and executables are not allowed to launch unless proven trustworthy via validated digital signature or other means; those allowed to launch are not allowed to do 
Server with Mission Critical App has mysterious, malicious process running Any malware that somehow gets onto a server cannot read/write the memory, directories, executables, or data files of the ‘isolated’ mission critical App. IT/Sec-Ops can usually safely run the App until a maintenance window.
Pass the Hash/Ticket Attacks Blocks credential thefts by granting access to trustworthy processes only. No IT/Sec-Ops actions are required; eliminates alerts that other tools would otherwise make.
Non-Malware Attacks Prevents unauthorized actions by built-in tools, yet allows limited use by end-users and full-use by IT/Sec-Ops. This requires fewer than a dozen deployment-specific policy rules that rarely require adjustment later.
Code Injection Attacks Blocks clearly untrustworthy App process changes and ensures the Apps processes cannot do harmful actions in case they ever do run malicious code. Spares IT/Sec-Ops from the false-positive/negative quagmires of behavior analytics and other tools.
Remote Code Execution Attacks from other Endpoints These built-in capabilities (e.g., Remote PowerShell, PsExec-like, SSH/shell, etc.) are locked/unlocked to ensure only IT/Sec-Ops can use them on demand, even if adversaries somehow steal elevated privilege credentials.

How Can You Achieve Zero Trust Endpoint Protection?

Use a Secure Global Network

When faced with distributed teams connecting remotely, the ubiquity of cloud services, lateral threat movement and multiple office locations, modern businesses require security beyond the perimeter. Today's dedicated secure global network, or SGN, allows multiple offices, remote employees, data centers, and cloud services to all communicate privately and securely with ease.

Network Security & SGN

  • Cloud VPN (SGN)
  • ZeroTrust (SGN)
  • Stateful Firewall with DPI
  • Web Proxy Malware Scanning
  • Anonymized Public IP for Privacy
  • Mandatory Encryption via Defender
    (Protects against rogue AP/eavesdropping attacks)
  • Secure DNS w/ AD Integration

Incident Response & SOAR

  • Integrated SIEM
  • AI Alert Analysis & Incident Creation (Separate signal from the noise)
  • Integrated Incident Response Playbooks
  • Quarantine capability for infected devices

Governance, Regulatory, & Compliance

  • NIST Framework Assistant with Content for Every Guideline
  • NIST Response Tracking and Guidance for Security Assessments
  • 20 Integrated Policy Templates Integrated and Mapped to NIST Guidelines
  • Compliance Wizard Scans 100+ Regulations
  • Regulations and Compliance Policy Mapping and Response Population

Threat Intelligence

  • Continuous Cloud Intelligence Updates
  • Real time Threat Analysis
  • Integrated Intelligence from mix of Paid, Open Source, and Deep/Dark Web Sources
  • Curated Weekly Intelligence Reports

Use a Secure Global Network


Use Next Generation AI Driven Endpoint Protection

Use Next Generation AI Driven Endpoint ProtectionDeepArmor uses the power of big data and our patented machine learning algorithms to prevent the most advanced, modern-day attacks. No other endpoint protection solution provides DeepArmor’s combination of pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and simplicity.

  • Expand the Breadth and Depth of Your Security with AI
  • Improve Efficiency in Your Security Operations
  • Minimize Disruption to Users Across Your Business

Instead of using signatures, heuristics, Use Next Generation AI Driven Endpoint Protectionor rules­based approaches to detect threats, DeepArmor exclusively uses AI to prevent file­based, file­less, and in­memory attacks. DeepArmor pioneered the use of AI models in this space, having been first to use AI to detect phishing attacks using office documents, weaponized PDFs, and direct­ to memory powershell attacks. 

What does this mean for you? It means that you benefit from the industry’s most advanced and best performing threat detection models. 

With this simple, powerful approach DeepArmor Endpoint Protection delivers the optimal mix of function and value for mid­market enterprise.

Use Next Generation AI Driven Endpoint Protection

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