About Us

About Xperteks

Xperteks Computer Consultancy, Inc. is a premiere Apple, PC and network managed services provider (MSP) that provides comprehensive IT services to small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses nationwide. We align our business interests with owners, management team, and IT executives, by demonstrating how we can create a stable and productive working environment for a low, fixed cost through thoughtful, proactive IT management. Our proven management methods use the best of breed, next-generation technology services that maximizes uptime and performance of critical business operations. 

Xperteks recognizes new trends and technologies in the industry to transform business operations from being unreliable and unpredictable to stable, effective and productive. With our niche expertise in Apple computers, we pioneered the capability of adapting remote technologies that were typically only used for PC networks, to also work with an Apple-centric network. This allowed Xperteks to offer a higher level of IT services to businesses regardless of computer platform. 

We created our managed IT services programs as a high-quality alternative to maintaining an in-house IT staff. Our managed IT services allow executives to focus on their business and not worry about their computer operations failing or the unexpected expense of hourly rates. Business owners and executives use our programs as their IT strategy to reduce, and stabilize their operating costs, improve productivity and minimize any unexpected costs.

Xperteks is a New York corporation based in the heart of New York City. Our main office is located at 1001 Avenue of the Americas, which is in the garment district. Its central, midtown location places us at the hub of New York’s mass transit system. This allows us to dispatch field technicians throughout the five boroughs and reach most client sites usually in less than an hour if an onsite call is required.

Our Management Team

Stefan Hryszko Chief Information Officer

Stefan Hryszko currently serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) since 2003.  He has over 17 years experience in the information technology field and extensive experience in enterprise computing and telecommunications. He provides the leadership and practical knowledge to ensure all our clients receive the service they expect, and complete all the projects requested on time and on budget.

Vincent Stella Chief Operations Officer

Vincent Stella currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) since 2003. An industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, he ensures that our internal operations and vendor relationships are working effectively. He makes certain that our operations have all the resources it needs to deliver the best possible experience to our clients.

Victor Moroz Victor Moroz Director of IT Services

Victor Moroz currently serves as the Director of IT Services. He has over 16 years experience. He supervises our team of technicians, scheduling their on-site client visits, assisting in troubleshooting issues and making sure the team has all the tools they need to work proactively and efficiently. His major objective is to make sure that client expectations are met, through providing day to day service as well as making preparations for each client’s unique future needs.