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Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: Which Is The Right Tool for Your Business?

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We’re going to take a look at the 3 most prominent use cases of word processors in our modern work culture. Then, we’re going to compare both Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs to see who comes out on top as the WINNER!

Microsoft Office Word vs. Google Docs: Let’s Find Out!

1. Which Word Processor Can Help You Work In The Forests?

With Microsoft Word, you can create or edit documents from anywhere, completely offline. You can also choose to work on your documents online on any device using Microsoft’s free online Office 365 apps.

These don’t get saved on your local drive unless you download a copy on your device, but otherwise are stored on Microsoft’s cloud storage. It can be accessed anywhere, on any device, and any bandwidth.

Coming back to our question, which is better to work offline? Without blinking, we say Word! This isn’t much of a competition as Google Docs fails to provide a seamless offline experience for its users, whereas Google wants you to be online to access the documents and make edits.

You can download the document out of Google Docs in different formats to share it with your peers. You can also install a Chrome extension that allows you to work offline, but the work gets saved only when you turn your connection back online. It works temporarily if your network is weak, but it’s not a solution! Also, the extension is not your dependable asset, so we don’t recommend it.

2. Which Word Processor Gives You the Flexibility To Create Quick Documents With Ready-Made Templates?

Word is great with templates as well! You get access to hundreds of free templates, including details on their purpose and what you would use them for.

All you have to do is download, save and give it a name. You can instantly create a report by pasting the numbers in the well-designed template that does all the heavy work for you, including design, math, and aesthetics. Your report is ready to go in less than 10 minutes!

3. What About File Compatibility?

We can vouch for both Word and Google Docs when it comes to the most commonly used word processing formats, such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, and rich text. Both are compatible with the wide range of file formats, but Word can import files more quickly and display complex file formats much more consistently across different devices.

Google Docs allows you to download in some of the formats like Word documents, but Docs is designed to work more efficiently with web documents and pages. Thus, it excels at publishing documents as web pages than other supported formats.

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Which Is The Best Word Processor?

Microsoft Office Word has been the most reliable word processor since 1989. Microsoft has dedicated a lot of time and resources to adding features and improving the interface of Word. Users can create any kind of print document imaginable—for work, personal, and other uses.

Any complicated document can easily be developed in Word. Its interface is easy and simple to understand and provides tons of tools to create long documents and manuscripts, including a table of contents, several chapters with dynamic media, and indexing.

If you need to create a document of unusual size, Word is your go-to word processor. You get more granular control of formatting options, graphic positioning, and other similar features.

You can find a wide range of themes found in Microsoft Word range from simple-to-use templates to dynamic corporate-level templates and everything in between. These theme templates have pre-created formatted attributes for the entire document, including headers, title, body, and bulleted lists.

The preview feature with themes allows you to hover your mouse over any page to preview it with the corresponding theme if it were applied to it. If you feel confident, you can go ahead and apply it to the entire document.

Microsoft Word also comes with the Smart Paste feature. When it comes to copy-cut-paste, this particular feature is undervalued if you ask us it’s a great productivity enhancer!

This feature allows you to paste text from another source in your document while choosing to use either the source format of the text, or to use the format in your current document. You can even combine both formats using Merge Formatting.

When you merge formatting styles, Word uses most of your current document’s format. It does it while retaining the most important formatting features from the source text, such as the hyperlink.

Word comes with another great useful feature, what we call Instant Formatting! You simply highlight the text you want to format, and a menu appears above the text that lets you change several text attributes, including font, font size, color, weight, and list style.

You won’t find all of that in Google Docs, would you?

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