There are many questions when it comes to Virtualization, some don’t understand it, others don’t believe it has an impact on their business and some don’t see the value of having their business built with a virtualized foundation. 

Virtualization is the computing technique developed to maximize the resources of computing hardware to satisfy software requirements and increase performance. Simply put, why pay for robust computing hardware, when the software you put on it only uses 10% of the available computing power?  With virtualization, it is possible to use the same robust computing equipment, purchased for your business and put as many applications that computer can handle. 

There are many companies who offer virtualization technologies for different areas in the virtualization market. The main companies are Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. Even though we work with all these companies to provide virtualization for our clients, we primarily use the company who has been working and developing virtualization technology since 1998, VMware.  

As an Authorized VMware partner, VMware developed a special site for us, where all our client, prospects or anyone who wants to learn more about VMware products, can research what using VMware products can do for their business and download free trials! 

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Save money on operational costs

    Virtualized environments can be managed remotely and require less hardware to maintain, saving you 50% or more on your IT operations.

  • Business Flexibility

    Enable your business to have the flexibility to increase performance, implement new applications, and speed up your service delivery.

  • Computer Consolidation

    Save money on server and desktop equipment by creating virtual environments that use take up precious office space, cost less to power, and can be accessed from anywhere.