Vendor Management

Vendor management is an important part of any growing business. Today, businesses need to juggle many different technology vendors to maintain their business. From Internet service providers, telephone services, copier provider, to cloud service providers. These technology vendors take up precious time from your employees trying to sell anything in their portfolio. It's no wonder so many of our clients defer these requests to us. We manage these vendors so your employees can stop getting distracted, and concentrate on their jobs. 

At Xperteks, we work directly with your technology vendors to ensure that they get the correct information that pertains to your business and get the best deal possible. Since we manage and represent so many different businesses, we leverage our purchasing power to save our clients money.

As your trusted technology advisors, we work with IT Vendors on your behalf and leverage our relationships and purchasing power to give your business:

  • A single point of contact

    Control and gain an advocate who will ensure your business receives the service it expects from all your other technology vendors.

  • Best negotiated deal

    Our clients gives us the power to negotiate the best deal for your business, making sure you the get the right products at the best price.

  • Faster response times.

    We establish relationships with your technology vendors that allow us premier access to respond to any requests quickly and more effectively than just reaching a low-level sales representative.