Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Our strategically located, carrier-neutral interconnection facilities allow you to quickly adjust to changes in technology through high-performance service, bandwidth choice as well as product flexibility.

Xperteks’ suite of connectivity solutions is designed to help your business create a data center strategy that enables and drives your comprehensive IT objectives.

We offer an advanced interconnection solution that allows seamless, on-demand, and direct access to multiple networks and clouds.

Major Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

  • Local Connections to On-Campus Cloud Providers

You can take advantage of optimized latency, redundancy, security, and performance. 

  • Multiple Locations to Meet Your Requirements

You can increase efficiency with the fixed cost pricing facility to access cloud ecosystems from more economical units, unlike the costly Internet gateways. 

  • High-Performance and Secure Connections

With private cloud hosting solution, you can remove the public Internet from your connectivity equation.

Private cloud hosting is for you if your business needs a scalable solution, virtualization capabilities, and computing resources on an ad-hoc basis.

Reasons to Pick Private Cloud Hosting

  • Customization

    We realize that one-size does not fit all businesses. With private cloud hosting, customization is possible based on your technical and business needs. 

  • Compliance

    All businesses – big or small need to comply with national/internal laws and policies. Private cloud enables deployment according to any access-control and retention policies.

  • Control and Efficiency

    Since all your data is on a privately hosted environment, it gives you more control over your data and infrastructure. You can intervene promptly if changes are needed.