Office Relocation

Office relocation services NYC

Last month hundreds of growing US businesses moved their offices or opened another new office. As few as 5 out of every 100 of these office moves experience a smooth transition of all their email and telephone services. These successful movers were able to continue growing their business and generating cash without interruption. The majority however loses money, business and sleep with entirely avoidable technology problems.
What made the difference?

The companies that moved successfully answered a few simple questions and then applied the answers to their planning process.

Unlike other IT companies we guide our clients with a complete roadmap to relocating your office

At Xperteks we help growing businesses successfully move their office almost every month. We help our clients make the right technology decisions and put together an effective plan for the move.

Let Us Evaluate Your Business And Help Your Office Move By:

  • Creating a Project Plan

    Get a complete plan that includes all the tasks, lead times and dependencies between essential tasks to give you a good overview of the entire relocation project.

  • Evaluating new system additions

    During the move is the perfect opportunity to update, upgrade and improve your systems when entering a new space. Don't just change your location, refine your business systems as well.

  • Ensuring that you are connected

    One of the challenges is making sure your business communications are available and ready to go upon your move in date. We make certain you have the phone and internet communications ready and connected to your systems so your business can get working on the same day you move in!