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Scalable & Powerful Cloud-Based Endpoint Management

To create a stable and productive environment, our teams use the most advanced endpoint management platform. Our teams gain visibility and control over all desktops, laptops, servers or mobile devices, over any network, across multiple operating systems.

Endpoint management is accomplished by using remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools with pre-configured functionality to start managing endpoints on your network quickly and efficiently. Our tools enable our team to rapidly build out maintenance tasks with best practices and scale service delivery with ease. Our teams can begin monitoring and managing thousands of devices within just a few hours of setup.

Power to Become More Proactive

Built-in Patch Management

Automated patch policies keep our clients’ machines secure from the latest threats without the need for manual updating. Flexible patch approvals and local caching allow our techs to support more extensive networks, and comprehensive reporting and dashboards provide visibility into compliance.

Automation and Scripting

Deploy preferred applications and keep third-party applications up-to-date automatically. Quickly build powerful scripts for device monitoring using your preferred scripting language, and we save time by downloading hundreds of scripts readily available.

Rapid Remote Support

Our teams have a superior remote control experience, allowing us to rapidly control any screen using an integrated VNC, RDP, or Splashtop tools. It is also easy to manage and support any network device using its integrated SSH/Telnet and HTTP proxy.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor in real-time for performance issues like low disk space, high CPU, low memory and network latency on any application, platform or device using powerful built-in monitors like WMI, Perfmon, SNMP, Network Bandwidth, and Eventlog.

Flexible Reports and Dashboards

We provide our clients with regular updates with the details of their environments. Our technicians watch your network with dashboards to see what’s going on and then quickly take action to resolve issues.

Scalable Performance with Unlimited Potential

  • Born in the Cloud

    Operating on 100% cloud architecture, our services are backed by a system with a proven record of accomplishment of 99.99% uptime and fortified with security and data protection standards that are often cost-prohibitive from self-built systems.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Since our remote monitoring and management tools runs in the cloud, there is no limit to the number of devices we can support. Our system’s performance remains the same even as your business grows, and we never need to purchase or maintain hardware.

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