Managed Detection & Response

Detecting & Mitigating Advanced Targeted Attacks - 24/7/365

Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their cyber defenses. A defense-only strategy is not enough to combat advanced targeted attacks that enterprises face daily. To realize true resilience, the resources in your arsenal should be skilled, precise, fast, and efficient.

Credential theft, malware injection and data ex-filtration are just some examples of attacks leading to potentially long- lasting repercussions. In response, some businesses continue to invest in disparate technologies, layering multiple solutions that are not integrated with each other, leading to longer response times and poor productivity. Typically, security teams face a large influx of alerts that current security teams cannot adequately address.

ADT Cybersecurity

Xperteks® delivers Enterprise Level Managed Detection and Response services for businesses of all sizes powered by ADT Cybersecurity.

Common Challenges:

  • Full visibility into your network
  • Limited security team
  • Inability to hire critical talent
  • High value assets to protect

Overburdened or limited security resources may not have the time (or expertise) to quickly review alerts, determine if a legitimate threat is present on the network and then respond to threats before damage is done. With dwell times running 150 days or longer and cybersecurity talent gaps  being  an  on-going  challenge, visibility coupled with rapid detection, response and remediation is critical. 


To combat the modern adversary, take a proactive approach to security by actively hunting in the network, leveraging existing tools and applying cyber threat intelligence to identify and mitigate threats quickly.

Cohesive visibility and reporting across technologies is essential to cut through the  noise  and  pinpoint malicious activity fast. Cyber resilience combines cyber security, business continuity and enterprise resilience during a cyber security event so organizations can respond to threats quickly, help minimize damage and continue operations.

The ADT Cybersecurity Resilience Platform is a holistic, integrated solution designed to utilize people, process  and technology to deliver true resilience to organizations before, during and after an attack.

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ADT-IQ Platform: How it works

Threat feeds

CCE -n

CCE - 2

CCE - 1

Feature Extraction,
Local Enrichment,
Elimination &


  • Dynamic Threat Models Engine
  • Fast Big Data Streaming Engine
  • ML Engine - User, App, Services & Host Behavior
  • AI Engine with Actionable Intelligence (Remediation)


  • Proactive Threat Detection
  • Automated Real-time Threat Elimination
  • Comprehensive Visibility
  • Compliance & Governance Reports

Control and Collection Engine

Collects inputs from variety of sources Extracts features for input to the APE and runs local enrichments and algorithms. Eliminate and contain the threats as directed by the APE

Analytics and Policy Engine

Proactive threat detection with past context and global threat intelligence addressing threats that matter with actionable intelligence


ADT-IQ uses Micro-Services Architecture and can be deployed in Cloud, VM and Bare metal

Benefits of ADT-IQ Platform


  • Ingests raw streaming data (Flows, Logs, Identity), with millions of enrichment feature
  • Logically auto discovers and creates asset groups
  • Works transparently with encrypted traffic


  • Reduces MTTI (Mean time to Identify) with Proactive Threat Detection
  • Proactively detects known and unknown threats and surfaces them in near real-time without agent or alert fatigue
  • Performs threat detection across multi-cloud, on-premise, and Hybrid environments


  • Reports for regulatory compliance
  • Security operation and investigation support
  • Long-term data analytics & historical data


  • Auto-Remediation of threats in real-time
  • Provides clear actionable steps to eliminate threats
  • >50% SOC productivity improvement

ADT-IQ vs. Other Security Products

  • Ingests raw data, flows and provides comprehensive visibility of all assets and addresses all known and unknown threats
  • Complementary to firewalls with no agent to be installed providing zero-day, zero-trust comprehensive security. It reduces alert fatigue surfacing only the alerts that matter.
  • Real-time streaming and in-memory processing with Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Leaning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing automated remediation* (no rules to be updated).
Features/Threat Vectors ADT-IQ Trad. SIEM/MDR Web-FW, Email security & DLP End-Point UEBA
Traditional Threats Some
Crimeware (Ransomware, Malware, etc.) Some Some
Compromised Credentials/Insider 
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection
Data/IP Exfiltration Some Some
DDoS – Volume/Protocols/Application Layer
Web and Apps Exploit Some App-FWs($)
Email Exploits (Spear Phishing)
IT Mistakes/Shadow IT Some Some
Real-time ML and AI for Detection
Single Line Alerts (drill-down for details)
Automated Threat Remediation/Containment* Some Some
Eliminates white noise
In-memory real-time security analytics Some Some Some
Long term storage for analytics and audit Some Some
Perimeter Security (w/ Next-Gen Firewall) ✔*
Mobile Endpoint Protection (w/ Capt. Client) ✔*

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