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Pulsar360, Inc. Proud to Feature Xperteks® in This Month's Partner Highlight

Pulsar360, Inc. Proud to Feature Xperteks® in This Month’s Partner Highlight

Xperteks® is a New York corporation based in the heart of New York City. Xperteks® is leading the industry in managed technology services which include advanced cybersecurity solutions, application development, mobile device management and cloud security as a service.

Xperteks® Computer Consultancy, Inc. is a premier Apple, PC and network managed technology services provider (MTSP) that provides comprehensive technology services to small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses nationwide. They align all business interests from owners, management team, and IT executives, by demonstrating how they can create a stable and productive working environment for a low, fixed cost through thoughtful, proactive IT management. They have proven management methods that use the best of breed, next-generation technology services that maximize uptime and performance of critical business operations.

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Xperteks® recognizes new trends and technologies in the industry to transform business operations from being unreliable and unpredictable to stable, effective and productive. With their niche expertise in Apple computers, they pioneered the capability of adapting remote technologies that were typically only used for PC networks, to also work with an Apple-centric network. This allowed Xperteks® to offer a higher level of support services to businesses regardless of computer platform.

They created their managed technology services programs as a high-quality alternative to maintaining an in-house IT staff. Xperteks® managed technology services allow executives to focus on their business and not worry about their computer operations failing or the unexpected expense of hourly rates. Business owners and executives use their support programs as their complete IT strategy to reduce, and stabilize their operating costs, improve productivity and minimize any unexpected costs.

The Big Three

What is the Big Three? The “Big Three” and the three main reason why Xperteks® separates them from the rest: Evolving Businesses, Catering Solutions, and Cutting Through the Non-sense.

Let’s explore these three in a bit more detail.

They Evolve with Your Business.

Since innovation is built on previous innovation, Xperteks® has front row seats on how technology has evolved and see how it has improved over the years. This allows them to get a perspective on what they know is on the horizon, plus understand what technologies are actually proven. Since they monitor and test each innovation, it enables Xperteks® to continually improve their portfolio of technology services and have an arsenal of services ready for any business.

They Cater Solutions to Your Needs.

How are Xperteks® so effective as a managed services provider to their customers? Simple, they know what works, what doesn’t, and what is just a complete waste of money. They drill through all the marketing and analyze solutions to their technical core and ask the most important question, “Does this technology benefit our clients?”

They Cut Through the Nonsense.

Xperteks® clients trust that they will cut through the technical mumbo jumbo and get to the core of solving their business problems. When they recommend a solution, it’s not because it’s the most profitable, it’s because it’s the best solution for their business. They have proven their methodology to their clients over and over again for 15 years. This is the single biggest reason why their clients continue to use their services.

Purpose Driven

As mentioned previously Xperteks® is a New York corporation based in the heart of New York City. But what is uniquely special their main office is located at 132 West 36th Street. Its central, midtown location places them at the hub of New York’s mass transit system. This allows them to dispatch field technicians throughout the five boroughs and reach most client sites usually in less than an hour if an onsite call is required.

This forward-thinking mentality of Xperteks® has enabled them to dominate their sector and provide first class services and support to their customers. This has separated them from the pack. Their constant devotion to purpose driven leadership and purpose driven deployment and deliverables.

It’s worth noting, that Marcial Velez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer brings over 20 years of business and technical experience. He has been a trusted advisor and technology partner to many business owners and C-Level executives for various New York industries. His business knowledge and IT expertise has been the driving force in successfully creating a computer consulting firm that addresses the real technology issues businesses face and helps them to stay competitive in a continually ever-changing technology landscape.

“Pulsar360, Inc. is proud to feature in this month’s Partner Highlight, Xperteks®. Our partnership with them has been what we like to call, a double win or win squared. We win by working and collaborating with an excellent partner. The customers win by having a company such as Xperteks®, that focuses on delivering great quality service and support. We take our partnership with Xperteks® very seriously and we are pleased that they have chosen us to partner with them. At Pulsar360, Inc. when selecting a partner, we focus on quality partners and not the quantity of partners. Xperteks® is the perfect fit.” stated Bob Harrison, Chief Channel Officer, Pulsar360, Inc.

“Xperteks® is proud to a be Pulsar360 partner. They’ve help us add to our portfolio of proven and stable solutions that our clients expect us to bring to the table. Pulsar360 has the best engineers who are up for any challenge. They’ve worked with us to provide our clients true quality service and support. We look forward to working with Pulsar360 for many years.” stated Marcial Velez, Chief Executive Officer, Xperteks® Computer Consultancy, Inc.

For more information about Xperteks®

Company: Xperteks® Computer Consultancy, Inc.
Website: https://www.xperteks.com
Email: Asktheteam@xperteks.com
Call: 212-206-6262

Source: Pulsar360, Inc.

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