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"Working with Xperteks® is like having an in-house computer team!"

Julia Coventry

Production Manager
Cynthia Rowley


Cynthia Rowley Partners with Xperteks® as their Global Managed IT Services Provider.

Cynthia Rowley is leading global lifestyle brand sold in over 60 collection boutiques, department, specialty and online stores worldwide.

The Problem

Cynthia Rowley needed to use a Mac-based computing platform to bring her designs to life at her offices in New York City. The need to have a well supported, maintained, Mac-based network infrastructure was essential to keep up with the global demand and manufacturers overseas.

The Solution

  • Reduces costs and loss of productivity by moving away from Break - Fix IT

    The major challenge for Cynthia Rowley was having a computing environment that would help her design and production staffs have the computing capacity to be more productive and be self sufficient to meet deadlines for delivering technical packs to the manufacturers overseas. Getting technical support via a “break-fix” technician proved costly and ineffective. Cynthia Rowley required IT standardization, asset management and quick and responsive support to be able to meet the demand and increase productivity.

  • Standardized IT operations, asset management, and Instant Support.

    Xperteks® upgraded and standardize all of Cynthia Rowley’s Apple servers and workstations to the latest operating systems and updated all their design Adobe applications. Their server infrastructure was upgraded and updated to fully manage their data and give them the capacity they required to meet their deadlines. Access to our instant support helpdesk allowed the employees to independently get support without the need for a manager to reach out to a “break-fix” IT person and wait countless hours to get their issues resolved.

  • Obtains a fast and easy way for employees to independently get IT support

    By engaging Xperteks® as their global Managed I.T. services provider, Cynthia Rowley has benefited from gaining an organized, fully maintained Mac-based infrastructure, access to instant support whereby the employees can resolve their IT problems without losing productivity or waiting forever to get help. Cynthia Rowley now has the productive computing environment she needed and right team of expert technicians, who are just a phone call away. 

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