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12 Microsoft Tips To Make Remote Work Smarter

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Employees who work together are nearly 25% more productive in organizations. Enjoy the Microsoft Tips to learn how Microsoft’s collaborative tools can enable you and your employees to work smarter and increase overall productivity of your company.

12 Smart Remote Work Tips By Microsoft

1. Meet Without Signing Up

Having an instantaneous meeting anywhere in the world is only possible with Skype, where you and your meeting guests don’t have to sign in or download any app to have a video conference on the go!

Skype is Microsoft’s communication tool. Just visit skype.com and click ‘Create a meeting’ link, then share the activated link with your guests. You can invite as many as 50 people without the hassle of downloading or signing up anywhere.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the Skype app, when you create the link and join the call, it’ll open in your web browser itself.

2. Use Calendar Smartly

Create an event in your Calendar app, by selecting Start > Calendar, to send multiple invitations in a single swipe. You can choose between an Outlook account or Hotmail account to sign in to your Calendar app.

Select any date and fill out the details of the event. Moreover, select More details > Online meeting and under People, click Add attendees. Once you click Send, your invitees can view the details of the event with instructions to join the Skype meeting in the invitation notification.

3. Work On Your Phone


Working on your phone makes you more productive while working from home. Microsoft provides an app called Your Phone, which allows you to link your Android phone to your desktop or laptop.

You can use this tool to respond to messages, make calls, share documents and other media, and more. You can do all this while your smartphone is charging in another room. Download the Office app on your android or iOS device to stay productive on the go.

4. Work Together

Editing documents can get messy with time. Especially, editing documents while coordinating with the team. Record sheets can go upto all sorts of lengths. Wouldn’t it be great if all edits and suggestions can be shown in one place for all shared persons. Editing would be fun!

Yes, Microsoft 365 allows you to edit any Word, Excel or Powerpoint document on OneDrive, with shared coworkers.

Sign in with your 365 ID, select and open the document. Select Share, enter the email addresses of the colleagues you want to share it with, and hit Send. It is as simple as that!

5. Chat While Editing

After you’ve shared the document with your shared coworkers, Microsoft 365 allows you to chat with the person who’s also accessing the same document. So you can edit the document together.

Say one can highlight any suggestion and the other can make the required changes and get it reviewed at the same time.

6. Automatic Backup

Ensuring regular backup is a great practice for all organizations. It’s one of the pillars of cloud technology. Syncing with OneDrive allows you to automatically save your precious documents, files, pictures and folders, keeping them protected by automated backups, in case you lose any hardware.

Select OneDrive > More > … > Settings | Backup tab. You have to specifically select the files and folders you want to automatically sync to use this feature.

Why Windows Virtual Desktop Is The Best Security & Management Solution For Remote Workers?


“Instead of telling people to wait for six months for a new feature, we can give it to them in a few weeks. Our lead cycles are getting much shorter, and we have business stakeholders involved so that our solutions are more aligned with business requirements.” 

Says, Johan Krebbers, IT CTO & VP TaCIT Architecture, Shell Global Solutions International

7. Make Cortana Work For You

Cortana is an underrated tool. You have to use it to understand it’s massive use cases. Cortana is your personal assistant wherever you go. If you have to set up a meeting on the go or need to know who’s joining your next meeting or simply running late, just ask Cortana!

8. Go Passwordless

Security shouldn’t be heavy on user experience. It should be easy as well as robust enough to back your entire organization security. Microsoft allows you to go passwordless yet promises a robust security stack for your data and services.

Simply go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, and then turn on Hello Sign-in login method for Microsoft accounts.

9. Practice With Presentation


With the ease to use Powerpoint on the web, Microsoft is now offering a really great feature to practice your presentation before an important meeting with your peers. Open your presentation by signing in with your personal Hotmail, Outlook or Live account.

Click on the Slide Show tab and select Rehearse with Coach to follow on-screen instructions to practice your slides presentation.

You can never go unprepared for your next presentation, Microsoft has your back!

10. Your Get 3D Templates


Complex topics require creative solutions. When you have to explain a blockchain infrastructure to your fellow peers or if you need to explain a sophisticated blueprint to the team, that’s when you have to get creative.

You must have faced this difficulty during pandemic lockdown when you only had your presentation and your voice to explain your point out. Word, Powerpoint, and Excel offer interactive animation templates to incorporate in your projects. Whether you’re a student, teacher or an enthusiast, you’re good to go!

11. Pause Updates

We know that updates can be time-consuming and annoying at times. They pop up exactly when we’re fixed on priority tasks. There’s one way you can pause the updates and resume at another convenient time.

To delay windows updates, go to Start > Settings > … > Update & Security, then select Pause updates. Remember that you have to get the latest updates before you can pause again.

12. Snipping Tool


Snipping tool is a great tool in Windows. It allows you to capture any part of the visible desktop screen. Simply hold Windows logo key + Shift + S to open this tool.

Drag your mouse pointer over the area you want to capture. The snipped area will be saved to your clipboard or you can edit it using the few features available in the tool and save it on your system.

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