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There are so many tools available on the market that help you detect threats and take the necessary steps to block cyber attacks.

A Managed Detection and Response System (MDR) analyzes and monitors your network traffic to protect your system from external threats.

Most common security implementations include- 

  • Firewall: This prevents unauthorized access from traffic inside your network system
  • Anti-malware Tools: These enable endpoint security against critical malware
  • Spam Filters:  These are used to reject unwanted, harmful email messages
  • Physical Security Staff: To keep an eye out for unauthorized access attempts
  • Video Surveillance: To have a second eye that records and tracks the movement of personnel on the office floor
  • Multi-factor Authentication: To authenticate a user based on multiple parameters for increased security

Whereas, an MDR does so much more than these conventional security systems. It responds to inbound & outbound traffic, searches for suspicious patterns and malicious activities that may occur within your organization.

Let’s take a closer look at what an MDR really does and how it can help your organization with network and data security.

What Is Managed Detection And Response System?

An MDR is built to notify responsible members and administrators through alerts about security breaches and possible threat attacks.

MDR scans the internal traffic to identify any suspicious activity that might turn out to be a threat later on. So if an attack slips past your firewall, you can be sure that MDR will neutralize that attack.

#An MDR alerts administrators of any malware, personnel, and potential threats! Thus, it is widely used by cybersecurity experts in modern enterprises.

Small businesses should implement this system by opting for a larger suite of integrated solutions rather than dedicated standalone solutions.

MDR services are filling the need of organizations of all sizes that lack internal security resources and expertise, and want to expand their investments beyond preventative security technologies to address their detection, response and 24/7 monitoring gaps.” - Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, June 2018

Xperteks understands the needs of small businesses, that’s why we provide integrated solutions to efficiently scale your security needs.

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Why MDR For Your Small Business?

1. More For Less

When you team up with Xperteks, we’re in control of your security and help your business in the following ways...

  • Affordable package
  • Protection against unauthorized entry
  • Hold up alarms
  • Customizable keypads
  • Chime notifications
  • Motion detectors
  • Backup cellular communication

2. Are You Understaffed?

Small businesses lack suitable financing and staffing, they come short in security maintenance. They definitely can’t spend their resources just on security when they have other major operations to run!

That’s why you need a Managed Detection and Response System to catch several vulnerabilities so that your team can take action on the spot. 

With hold up alarms, you can initiate a variety of configured responses for 24/7 safeguarding. They can be used for immediate assistance or to trigger a siren when in trouble.

The chime notifications that MDR provides does not let any action go unnoticed! It uses motion detectors to trigger an alarm when movement is detected in isolated parts or high-authority places in your organization!

You don’t need security personnel anymore! You don’t need hired help but only one MDR to help you with all your security problems!

3. Vulnerable Mobile Devices

With Bring-Your-Own-Device being the norm in majority enterprises today, it’s right to say that many devices have become a sole part of the business environment.

70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered, this gives us an insight into the number of devices that can be exploited to compromise business networks for data theft.

However, if you have MDR at your back, you can easily monitor such potential threats and do what it takes to protect your business!

4. Emails

Phishing emails with unknown sources can prove to be pretty harmful to your business. They target employees, as they are most prone to accessing such emails.

You can identify phishing emails with a few tell-tales like misspelled words and wrong attachments. But their techniques can get sophisticated with time and you just can’t figure out the difference with the naked eye.

MDR helps you by reporting any malicious violations to the admin of your business via a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM).

A SIEM integrates all outputs from the system and filters the activities for false alarms! You definitely don’t want to spend time on false alarms, an MDR takes care of that for you as well!


Xperteks delivers Enterprise Level Managed Detection and Response services for small and mid-sized businesses powered by ADT Cybersecurity.

ADT introduced ADT-IQ as an advanced threat management tool. It is a powerful complement to the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) secured perimeter defense plan enabling both gateway and in-network security.

Here what ADT-IQ does for you- 

1. Comprehensive Visibility:

  • Automatically manages asset groups
  • Works easily with encrypted traffic
  • Blends seamlessly with raw streaming data (flows, logs, identity)

2. Proactive Threat Detection:

  • Dynamically handles threat - no one way to deal with all attacks but the solution depends on the type of attack
  • ML + AI (Artificial Intelligence) combined feature engineering for better understanding of the known or unknown threat that ails you

3. Compliance Analytics & Reporting:

  • Support for reporting for regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, NSIT, PCI, FINDRA, GDPR, and many more
  • Support for long-term data analytics
ADT Cybersecurity

With Xperteks & ADT…

  • You have 24/7 monitoring access
  • You can configure alarms or disable them remotely, you get real-time access to footage of your employees, customers, and vendors
  • Monitor sensitive areas
  • Be independent with a power source to the security system during a power outage
  • Control energy costs
  • Get access to cloud footage storage solutions
  • Receive alert notifications
  • Monitor fire panels
  • Secure your business against irregular climate

For complete security solutions with Managed Detection and Response in NYC, contact Xperteks at 212.206.6262.

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