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Here’s Why Xperteks Should Be Your First Choice For IT Support In NYC

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According to the service desk benchmarking report by Service Desk Institute, IT support is one of the most sought-after services for any business — over 84% to be precise. (Source). If you are looking for IT Support in NYC, you have found it with Xperteks.

And there is a BIG reason for that!

Businesses, in their initial years, tend to take care of their problems like cybersecurity, help desk support, intrusion detection, and multiple others all by themselves.

It is possible for them to manage these tasks, for as long as they have few clients. However, managing these problems can become a daunting task when they plan to scale.

This, in turn, affects the overall business growth. To tackle this issue, businesses are increasingly seeking help from experts in order to devote more of their time to their core products.

Help Desk Support Services Need Your Most Attention!

Creating a product and selling it is the first phase of your business growth while providing good service is the next.

To help you with that, help desk services were developed!

Most Common Problems You May Encounter


  1. Keeping track of your assets and history
  2. Prioritizing tasks
  3. Getting rid of those bugs
  4. Microsoft Excel issues

Here’s How You Can Solve the Most Common Computer Problems by Contacting Help Desk

Here’s How Xperteks Will Help You!

The biggest asset for any business is time. And Xperteks, not only understands that but also helps you save on most of your time so that you can devote it to your business instead.

Whether you’re unable to print, get the desired connection speed or have accidentally deleted a Microsoft file, Xperteks will come up with a solution instantly.

There are several other problems that may seem insignificant at first, but can potentially delay your multiple important tasks. These may include, your PC and the smartphone not being able to sync your emails, the PC getting unexpectedly slow, and losing an important document.

1. Xperteks Provides 24/7 Live Support

Xperteks understands the effort that you’re intending to put in your business. That’s the reason—be it late nights, weekends or any time you come across an issue—the 24/7 live support team of Xperteks will be there for you.

2. Experienced Team

There’s no match for the experience! This is the truth, and Xperteks abides by that. That’s the reason they have set the criteria of a minimum of two years experience before hiring any of their technicians.

These technicians are well-trained in all kinds of issues related to applications, desktops, and networks. With the amount of experience and portfolio that they possess, you can expect top-tier support.

3. Microsoft Office Expertise

Xperteks realizes the importance of Microsoft Office for your business. The Word Suite can be used for creating documents, letters, and mailings; the PowerPoint Suite for presentations; and Excel for management of all your financial, accounting, and human resource data.

We know that most of your productivity relies on the smooth functioning of these programs, so our expert help desk technicians are steadfast at providing you with a precise solution to all of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook problems.

Xperteks gives special emphasis on leveraging Office 365. And if you’re wondering, Why Is Xperteks Helping Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Leverage Microsoft Teams?

Then the simple answer is — it lets businesses collaborate securely and is more importantly beneficial to the millennial workforce.

4. Customer Recognition

Once you have us on board, you don’t need to stress about having to fulfill unnecessary verification obligations each time you face an issue. When you call Xperteks for tech support, we won’t ask you to verify your identity and we’ll dive right into fixing your problem.

We have a designated customer recognition system in place that recognizes your phone number every time you call and displays your profile with minimal effort. This not only saves time and effort on the part of your employees but also on the part of our experts.

Moreover, our experts are proactive in their problem resolution approach. They’re constantly keeping an eye out for discrepancies in your network and devices, monitoring everything, and identifying any issues.

So when you call for tech support, chances are the problem is already being identified by our technicians and resolved or under moderation.

5. Unmatched Assistance

We’re not just available through phone, but through other mediums of communication as well. We recognize the diverse portfolio of your company and are thus willing to help you out whichever way you deem essential.
You can always approach Xperteks’ Help Desk via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Web Chat

Xperteks’ Assistance Is Just One Call Away


Does your business want a fast, reliable, and precise solution when met with an expected problem? Then our IT support in NYC is what you need! We’re just one call away at 212.206.6262, where you can also schedule a free assessment.

Understand what needs to be changed to scale your business to new heights and we’ll be glad to assist you as you move ahead!

Stay safe, sanitized, and indoors as much as possible amidst the current pandemic of COVID-19. We not only care about helping you with your IT issues but also with your health concerns. So follow these guidelines to protect yourself & avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

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