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An IT Support Company Can Boost Your Business Growth: Here’s How!


Customer satisfaction is key to boost your business growth and an IT support company helps you with just that!

In a recent American Express study, it was revealed that 7 out of 10 Americans spent more money if they found exceptional customer service.

This study highlights the importance of a great customer experience service. And that is the reason why 44% of businesses plan to increase tech spending in 2020 and beyond.

And all of this will be backed by the services of an IT support company. Here’s everything you need to know about IT support.

What is IT Support?

“Your company may not be in the software business, but eventually, a software company will be in your business.” – Naval Ravikant, Founder (Angelist).

This quote highlights the future that businesses are heading towards. Every business needs technology to prosper and survive. And moving forward, IT support will become more essential than ever.

The fundamental job of an IT support service is to keep the business running as efficiently as possible by providing the following services:

  • Live chat support
  • Microsoft solutions
  • System configuration resolutions
  • Emergency diagnostics
  • Network Management
  • Security

These services make sure that your business is up and running 24/7. On top of that, a feature like ‘customer recognition’ reduces the total interaction time for the issue resolution by automatically recognizing the phone number and profile.

How Can An IT Support Company Help Your Business?


An IT support company solves this problem for your business by providing IT support services in an outsourced or a hybrid format. These services include help desk, technological diagnostics, live support, and resolution of all the emergency issues that businesses face.

Each feature solves an individual problem and together they produce a smooth and efficient business issue resolution process. Similar to the ‘Customer Recognition’ feature mentioned above, features like ‘Microsoft Assistance’ and ‘Server Support’ recognize respective niche problems and solve them with the help of an experienced and certified team.

1. Efficiency

Dedicated solutions like IT support help your business save time. For simple Microsoft Office issues like ‘incorrect password’, ‘file no longer exists’ or even ‘blue screen’ can be resolved in minutes.

An expert can help you tackle and prevent this issue from occurring. This will enhance efficiency and boost your business growth.

2. Core Business Growth

Your employees are best served with their skills. When they make use of their talents, your business will prosper. Technical hiccups will alter their efficiency and productivity. Having a technician support team can help them redefine their roles and boost your business growth.

3. Expert Solutions

A good IT support company will hire seasoned technicians with a minimum of two years of experience resolving application, desktop, and network-level issues. So each time that you call, you can count on receiving reliable top-tier support.

4. Get Ahead Of The Competition

Dedicated support is not just about solving on-demand problems. Your business can leverage new technologies and jump ahead of the competition. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this is already happening.

These technologies can predict problems and their severity. Thus, not only can you act faster but also prepare a thorough plan to suppress their existence.

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Should You Outsource or Opt for an In-house Team?

This is often the first dilemma that every business faces once they decide to opt for an IT support service.

While both of these have their own set of advantages, outsourcing pulls ahead with enough pros.

Here’s why you should outsource and boost your business growth:

1. Cost to Boost Your Business Growth

Unlike an in-house team, you won’t have to hire people, train them, buy utilities, expect maintenance services, and create a separate IT service environment.

With outsourcing, all you need to do is pay a pre-decided monthly retainer fee and you’re all set! Your IT provider will manage and maintain everything for you. All you need to do is expect a rock-solid performance and grow your core business.

2. Boost Your Business Growth with Scalability

Scalability is one such factor that is often overlooked. Being a start-up, your business will need a small set of people with limited resources. But as soon as you begin to spread your wings, your IT service requirements and maintenance frequencies will need to be upgraded.

While upgrading it yourself, the extravagant costs could seem overwhelming and unmanageable.

But with an outsourced service, scalability is a one-click solution. You just need to set forth your requirements and from the next billing cycle, your services will be upgraded. It’s as simple as that!

3. Adaptability to Boost Your Business Growth

With specialized experts at your disposal, you’ll be the first to get your hands on new technological features. In periodic meetings, your outsourcing provider will discuss new technological advancements available at the time. Thus, you can take a call on what works best for you with assistance from your IT provider.

This will help you stay ahead of the competition. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) you can predict technical errors and create solutions in advance. These technologies help your business run without any interruption.

Here’s Your First Step

Find a reliable service provider that understands your business needs. We at Xperteks, a leading IT support company in NYC, can bring together the best features to support your business through good times and bad.

What to expect when you opt for help desk support services with Xperteks:

  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Microsoft Office Expertise
  • More Experience for Swifter Issue Resolution
  • Customer Recognition

Call us at 212.206.6262 to schedule a free assessment for your business today and boost your business growth.

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