WaaS - Secured Access to Workspace..Anywhere from Any Device

WaaS - Secured Access to Workspace..Anywhere from Any Device

Are you incurring massive operational costs at the end of every year? Have you been struggling to fit individual profiles in your business ecosystem?

About time you knew WaaS. . .

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) is transitioning Traditional Desktop experience to Dynamic Workspaces. It focuses a lot on data security and independence of devices, allowing access anytime, anywhere. It saves a lot on your basic infrastructure and maintenance costs by encouraging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The focus from computing devices such as desktops and laptop is changing rapidly to something more mobile and shared virtual desktops, or that can be easily accessed anytime using any device.

Current challenges with your SMBs

The basic challenges small and medium business are facing are heavy infrastructural costs and major security issues. Maintenance costs with time investments becomes a major challenge which SMBs are struggling to cope up with.

How does WaaS fit into your business ecosystem?

The time taken to replace hardware manually is minimized due to the use of virtual desktops.

Waas saves time and helps you focus on your core competencies and not on fitting individual profiles with different skill sets in different environments.

Even during any unfortunate event, your data stays protected and synced as it is on the cloud. Even if employees leave or change roles, the data remains secure, and the handover process becomes easy.

You can rest assured that all software is up-to-date as it automatically gets updated on the cloud. It being centrally hosted guarantees no data loss.

A huge relief from time-consuming IT and application management.

Internally all processes are running so the geographic location of devices can be ignored.

It eases the process of office relocations; hosted services help in this transition. You don't have to move servers or need a dedicated team of IT professionals.

Data security can be achieved as there will be daily backup and recovery system to it. Also, the management has total control so can give or remove access from any employee. Cloud as a platform is extremely secure which is one less worry.

Waas enables bring your own devices (BYOD) without compromising user experience or hampering security. There is a proper control of corporate data with the benefit of personal use.

How is WaaS changing work culture for employees?

Employees have a Waas user id with which he can log in from a remote desktop. This virtual system once entered looks and works exactly like the office computer. It correctly works as your workstation from a remote location. 

The employee role and diverse requirements: 


You do not have to be present physically at all times; you can attend emergencies at home while working remotely ensuring a proper work-life balance.

Waas ensures you don’t waste time in IT and application updates and maintenance.

Softwares get updated periodically and ensure that you are not lagging behind technologically.

If there is a malware in the device, the entire workspace won't affect any other devices on the same company network.

How can you start with WaaS?

Xperteks®, a New York based Waas integrator,  provides WaaS solutions and provides complete support. Workspace-as-a-service is simple to buy and easy to manage, with no software or hardware cost. We can also reallocate your IT maintenance budget. Our network and data center capabilities help us address specific needs of SMBs. We have been building and maintaining managed & secured networks for over 20 years.

The way forward. . .

WaaS removes barriers of the workspace as an entity. It is a “one-stop shop” for all SMBs,  with a single point of contact. It increases flexibility and helps in data security and management through cloud based platforms. WaaS helps house all data in one place which eliminates the storage and support hassles.

With an initial WaaS investment and the boosted use of virtual workspaces, the costs spent on the management of the actual physical machines drop drastically and is reduced to almost nothing.

As long as vendors are providing a secure environment and compatible applications to more and more devices, users will accept this corporate scuffle with much less resistance.

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