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Are You Losing Work Productivity At Home! Stop!

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If you think work productivity is just another fancy word, think again! Thousands of companies have leveraged Cloud Desktops to save costs and increase their ROI just by looking at productivity from a new perspective. Keep reading to know how…

How Can Cloud Desktops Bring The Necessary Parts Of Your Office To Your Home?

1. You’re the Boss

You’re in control of your team, and you choose to add and remove users at the click of a button using Microsoft Active Directory. Let’s say you have hired an auditor during the pandemic on a contractual basis for two months to wrap up your accounting activities for the end of the financial year.

Without Microsoft’s desktop and app virtualization service – Windows Virtual Desktop in NYC, you will have to share required files and documents personally with the auditor. As you can’t share your entire system with any third person, you have to establish continuous communication to ensure the auditor can do his/her job without accessing the entire system on their own.

As a result, you have spent a lot of time and money on only one task. This is not fair to you as a business owner. You have just lowered your ROI.

The right way to accomplish any such similar job is by using a Cloud Desktop service, such as Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). It ensures that you don’t have to be with the auditor 24/7 to monitor his activities.

Using a role-based access system, a feature in WVD to provide limited access to system resources, you can ensure that the auditor can do his/her job without any form of surveillance.

Also, the auditor can finish the job in much less time than before, as you have leveraged WVD to provide a seamless user experience.

2. Easy Management

With Cloud Desktops, you get rid of deploying, managing, and maintaining desktop computer hardware at every endpoint. This task requires hiring a whole team of IT technicians, and sometimes you may have to hire a managed IT service provider in NYC to take care of extra load that your in-house team can’t handle or strategize.

As there’s no need to cater to hardware systems anymore, today, your endpoints can be personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Cloud Desktop technology using Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, allows access to a centralized management system that can be used to provide upgrades, version deployments, and other security controls by one person using any device without the need to manually inspect each endpoint for necessary updates.

3. Great Cost Savings

Companies who looked to Cloud Desktops for cost savings get disappointed as this technology isn’t polished to take care of storage needs. Thus, any company leveraging Cloud Desktops had to spend a fortune on on-premise data centers.

This was not at all economic. Those businesses who couldn’t afford such infrastructure got sidelined. There was no fair play in such businesses.

Then came public cloud infrastructure that allowed companies to only pay for the services they use, either on an hourly basis or on the amount of data incurred. This leveled the playing field as you no longer had to install those large server racks on rented spaces in huge corporations and buildings.

All you had to do was subscribe to Microsoft Azure cloud services, and to access the storage, computing and other networking assets that weren’t available before Azure or were just not economical for small and mid-sized businesses.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a Cloud Infrastructure service on Azure. You’re backed by the impenetrable security stack as well as great cost savings.

Great cost savings with WVD

  1. No need to spend on hardware devices (Implement BYOD without the fear of security breach)
  2. WVD provides multiple workstations at negligible costs
  3. No need to spend separately on storage, computing, and other needs
  4. With WVD, you can seamlessly integrate Azure
  5. You can run the same activities as any other large business

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4. Smooth Experience with Low Bandwidth

The most beneficial feature of any VDI should be a smooth experience on low bandwidth. It’s unlikely that every employee will have high-speed network access in their homes.

Businesses have to take into consideration various aspects of working from home. Sometimes the electricity goes off, the Internet doesn’t work, or the device hangs up.

With WVD, you won’t face these issues. WVD promises a smooth experience even on low bandwidth. This feature alone can win the debate among several Cloud players in the market. WVD is the answer to low-speed bandwidth.

According to a recent survey by Forrester, Windows Virtual Desktop increased productivity of 22 person-hours per end-user. It improves connectivity, onboarding, and security response!

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your office with this added benefit of seamless workflow and great cost savings, having Xperteks guide you every step of the way.

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