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Transform Your Business with a Windows Virtual Desktop Strategy

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A Windows Virtual Desktop Strategy is a cloud-based service running within Microsoft Azure to virtualize fully managed desktops and apps. Since its release in September 2019, Windows Virtual Desktop has given small, mid-sized and large businesses the ability to meet their computing requirements through the cloud without installing additional hardware or requiring vast IT support.

Simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus optimizations and RDS environment support through the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are all available through Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop benefits include improved user experience, premium security features and reduced costs. It also provides access for employees to work through Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and applications on any computer.

Why Your Business Needs Windows Virtual Desktop Strategy

No matter the size of your company or your industry sector, Windows Virtual Desktop provides the authority to the organizations to visualize their requirements and effortlessly manage their desktop image, applications and users.

Here are some of the business strategy transformations enabled by Windows Virtual Desktop:

Maintain a Remote Workforce

One of the best reasons to move to Windows Virtual Desktop is because it offers employees the ability to access their office desktops and applications on any device from any location in the world. You can utilize your existing Active Directory for authentication to ensure your systems and data remain secure.

Create a Global Business

Windows Virtual Desktop is a system in Microsoft Azure that may be a global service. With multiple data centers worldwide, it can easily support users performing their work from anywhere in the world.

The ability for users to access desktops from wherever they are makes it easy to stay working. It can also be necessary for workers who travel for business meetings and do not want to carry laptops with them. With the help of Windows Virtual Desktop, they have a desirable desk from any location on any device as long as they have an online connection.

Virtual desktops mirror the workstations back within the office, enabling users to work more efficiently. They would not waste time trying to find files as everything is stored in the same place it always was, just like they were sitting at their desk. They do not need to learn a different way of managing things when working off-site or remotely and flexibly connected to the global business.

Fulfill Security Requirements

Sectors like government, healthcare, legal and financial handle sensitive data routinely. You may also have policies regarding what devices and apps people use in your workplace.

The strategy may stop staff from connecting on unsecured devices or downloading risky software. Unfortunately, your employees may often explore shortcuts. If they think a task is easier to finish on an unapproved device, they will use it.

They may also use a prohibited app if they suppose it’s easier to use than the app or software you have told them to use. Windows Virtual Desktop takes away that worry, making it much easier to access your approved business software and data, and block the installation of unauthorized apps.

In addition, you know that patches and updates are installed regularly by a corporation heavily invested in cyber security. Windows Virtual Desktop offers all of the Microsoft security measures meaning businesses can guarantee the integrity of their data while employees work remotely.

Improve Productivity

Windows Virtual Desktop offers access to employees with all of the information, resources and apps that they need to work productively.

In the time of a disaster that prohibits people from accessing the office, employees would be ready to continue working uninterrupted, keeping downtime to a minimum. By hosting all of your information and system in the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop, you can prevent data loss as you are not dependent on physical servers.

Windows Virtual Desktop Benefits

The benefits offered by Windows Virtual Desktop can transform your business strategy:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop is a huge cost savings when maintaining, updating and renewing applications, as the on-site infrastructure is delivered entirely by Microsoft as a PaaS model.
  • It can give an easy and fast deployment of existing and new services.
  • It also offers a great user experience for its end customers because of the seamless connection between Azure-native WVD and Office 365.
  • It provides an up-to-date seamless multi-user Windows 10 experience that is highly scalable.
  • It Supports end-user device platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and HTML 5.
  • It can deploy and scale in minutes. Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to manage users and security via a unified administrative interface within the Azure Portal.
  • It provides unlimited scalability, availability and continuous updates, and new features.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a complete digital transformation for us. It will manage all of your virtual desktop infrastructures so you can focus on users, apps, and OS images instead of time-taking maintenance and directory.

Now you can securely get your users to work with unlimited scale and full automation that you control according to your business needs without getting worried about the location. You can manage your business or workplace in any place or at any time with efficient IT support management using Windows Virtual Desktop.

Our team is standing by to assist you to in transforming your business strategy with Windows Virtual Desktop. If you need expert technology support to realize the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop, contact us or call 212.206.6262.

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