Which Standards Regulate The Data & Voice Cabling Industry?

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Complex connectivity is a result of sophisticated data and voice cabling in New York City. Sophisticated technology paves the path for smart tech, IoT, and connected city hotspots and spaces.

As we see in the below statistics by Statista, complexity increases with increasing exposure to connectivity!

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With growing connectivity, network requirements vary widely. You deal with data ranging from bytes (sensors) to thousands of gigabytes and even more!

Connectivity whether wired or wireless, ranges from a handful of meters to hundreds of kilometers. One size/media cannot fulfill the need for different types of data loads.

However, the growth of wireless technologies such as 802.11ax a.k.a Wifi 6, 4G, and 5G among others, couldn’t replace wired technology. Among all wired tech, fiber cables have been immune to change for many years today!

How Cabling Standards Drive Change

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Organizations such as TIA, that deal with infrastructure standards as well as organizations such as IEEE, drive the change. 

The scale and velocity of change are incredible. It’s very crucial for us to be aware of the standards and how they affect our industry!

Remember the days when 40GBASE seemed a stretch for multi-fiber cables? Or when GPON didn’t exceed 10G? Today they offer 25, 50 or even 100 Gb/s speed limits!

Shorter networks are also useful, such as M2M or any other industrial network. Speeds are slower or rather adjusted to meet the network requirements.

Examples of such networks are 802.3 group with speeds of 1 Gb/s for the automotive industry or the 802.3cg group with speeds of  10 Mb/s over 2km.

The ICT landscape differs every year with necessity being the driving factor for network connections. Some work for industries, while others for small businesses.

Standards Regulating Data & Voice Cabling

1. EIA/TIA-568-A (first issued in 1991)

It is more commonly known as a commercial telecommunications cabling standard. It discusses the telecommunications wiring requirements for commercial structures.

It supports various LAN networks, voice, data, and other media systems such as image/video.

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2. EIA/TIA-569

Commercial telecommunications building standards for spaces and pathways. This standard defines the construction and design practices inside and outside the buildings.

3. EIA/TIA-606

It provides design guidelines for administration purposes of telecommunications infrastructure in commercial structures.

4. EIA/TIA-607

Commercial building bonding requirements for telecommunications requirement.


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