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Secure Your System With These 7 Tips From Microsoft


You don’t have to build security protocols from scratch. With Microsoft services and apps, you can completely focus on your business objectives without worrying about security constraints. Follow the below tips to secure your system against the latest threats on the market.

7 Security Tips From Microsoft To Protect Your System

1. Precautions With Public WiFi

Public WiFi access is available at major hotels, airports, and coffee shops around us. We connect to it without a second thought. You need to know that these networks pose security risks and should be used with caution.

The problem with public WiFi is that you don’t know who runs it or who’s sharing the same network! You might see a WiFi name “Sam’s Coffee Shop WiFi” and readily connect to it but it could be some guy with a laptop.

Public WiFi data can be seen by anyone on the same network, like your passwords, credit card information, and much more. Be cautious what you surf over at public places with shared networks.

Let’s see what you can do to keep your data secure over public networks.

  • Reading a news article is fine but avoid accessing your bank account online or making online purchases that includes adding your credit card information over the public WiFi
  • All financial activities and transactions should be carried out on your home or trusted network
  • Connect to public networks that you trust, like ‘San Francisco Airport WiFi’ sounds more trustworthy than ‘frankshotspot999’
  • Uncheck ‘Connect automatically’ to networks that you don’t recognise or might not use it later
  • Turn on Firewalls at all times

2. Using Web Apps

The power of cloud computing enables us to use our age-old softwares such as Powerpoint, Excel and Word as apps on your browser.

Using the web version of the apps gives you immense freedom and security. You’re always up-to-date with the latest version of the Office tools. Unlike softwares, web apps provide flexibility to access it anywhere with a simple login by a Microsoft account.

The apps have a strong cloud security stack that is backed with a reliable and trustworthy Microsoft support.

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3. Avoid Local Drives

We wouldn’t talk about what can be stored on local drives but you definitely shouldn’t store your important work resources on your local drives, there’s a place for it—on the cloud!

You may think that a portable removable device is a safe place to carry around all your work files but you’re wrong. Such devices can get corrupt and you may risk losing all your data.

Store your files in a cloud secure location, such as OneDrive or SharePoint for business purposes. This way your files are all in one place even if your hardware device is lost or gets stolen.

4. Pay Attention To Updates

Make sure all your devices are up-to-date on all security and feature updates. Security updates come with safeguards against latest malware and virus threats. If you don’t pay attention to regular updates, you will be facing the online threats without any protection.

Also, make sure that you have Windows Defender always on! It’s your best defense against the growing number of virus attacks and can really help to secure your system.

If you’re looking for robust security solutions for your organization as a whole, we’re glad to let you know that Xperteks provides comprehensive cybersecurity services in NYC.

Physical Security: Just as your virtual network should be secured from all endpoints, your physical endpoints are also crucial. It’s important to keep your employees safe and your property secure. You get 24/7 surveillance, modern fire alarms, multi-factor authentication, access control system, and much more when you partner with us.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR): How are your cyber defences? Today, advanced-targeted vector threats easily break through major systems. You need much more than just defence-strategy to secure your system. Meet our very own MDR system that is precise and prompt at stopping attacks before they become a nuisance.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service: Get the support of cloud VPN services and networking security services that promise real time threat protection and ZeroTrust technology all in one low cost package!

5. BitLocker

BitLocker is an encryption tool that locks your local data so that anyone without the right access cannot access your files on the device if it gets lost or stolen.

Encryption locks your data in such a manner that it’s not possible to read the data for anyone other than you. You can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

Anytime you can save a backup of your data on the cloud using OneDrive to have protected access anywhere you go on any device.

Microsoft allows you to manage your privacy settings in the easy-to-access account settings panel where you can set your location, data and camera settings.

6. What’s a Real Password?

Using the same combination of password across all platforms can harm you. Please make sure that you use a more secure and robust combination of characters as password.

Please refrain from using passwords such as ‘password_123’, ‘abcdefgh1’, ‘my_password_999’. Try creating a long and complex password that is easy to remember such as your first house address, favorite dinosaur, music lyric, or something related.

7. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) allows multiple authentication methods to authorize a user. You may use a combination of password + PIN + facial recognition to authenticate a user.

Earlier, hackers could use brute force on a single authentication method to break inside your system. But it becomes impossible to break through multiple windows.

Want To Use MFA For Free?

Secure your space by setting up MFA for free on any app in just one step. Microsoft believes that basic security should be available to all organizations at no extra cost.

Customers utilizing free benefits of Azure AD services can use security defaults mentioned below to activate MFA. Turn on security defaults in your Azure portal.

  • Registered on MFA
  • Admins perform MFA
  • Block legacy authentication protocols
  • Perform MFA when necessary
  • Protecting privileged access tasks

How Xperteks Can Help You Take The Next Step?

Xperteks has helped many small businesses achieve enterprise-level cybersecurity and protection. It’s time you took the next step to secure your system. The days of hiring security professionals are over.

Cybersecurity services come in packages that provide you with benefits that are just impossible for one security professional to fulfill. It’s time you approached a professional IT support company in NYC.

They are affordable and efficient for any business to implement. Just one small step can prove to be very beneficial for your business. Take that step today! Call us at 212.206.6262 to know more about how you can secure your system.

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