What's New in Office 365 and How Can it Help Your Business?

office 365

The power of the cloud has influenced every aspect of Information Technology (IT).

You can access your data from anywhere and at any time. 

Managed IT services perform in the same way providing you a seamless experience for all your business functions, which otherwise are a mess to handle and fix.

Similarly, Office 365 converges all your devices to grant you a single default interface for all your work activities.

5 New Features in Office 365

1. New Proofreading Tools

Editor is your very own writing assistant.

It marks issues in red, gold, or blue underline for spelling, style or grammar related issues, respectively.


2. Features Coming Soon…

Here’s a quick peek of the new user experiences before they are released. 

You can try them out as you like. 


3. Ribbon Icons with a New Look

Essentially, everything looks the same, only with a touch of personalization.


4. Experience Content Presentation Like Never Before

Place animated 3D graphics such as heartbeats, planet orbit, or something scarier like a T-Rex rampage across pages and slides.


5. Speedy Lookup

Get faster with super-charged functions such as VLookup, HLookup, and Match.


4 Benefits of Office 365 – Why It’s a Great Investment!

1. Get Organized

All your emails, calendar dates or events, contacts and even software updates are synced automatically across multiple devices.

Hence, you have the benefit of accessing the same data at any time and from anywhere.

Just like how managed services enable you to get organized with your files, provide accountability, and increase the productivity of your employees by working with you 24/7.

2. Predictable Costs

Office 365 promises no upfront costs since it has a monthly flexible process of billing.

It supports adding new users whenever you like and bills you for your chosen expenditures. 

This is perfect for a business looking to move to the cloud as it fits their budget.

Xperteks® works identically to the above process. 

No hidden costs and surprise billing reports. You pay for what you use. 

You will not pay a penny more for services you’ve never used.

3. Scalable & Flexible

When your business grows, you grow with it!

Office 365 provides you with the flexibility to scale up and down depending on the requirement of your business.

There is no need for any change, which requires your team to accommodate the new system.

Instead, the system grows and your team is still comfortable with the new system without any redundancy.

Xperteks® grows with your business.

We never work in a similar manner with every organization.

We study the needs and traits of every individual enterprise to provide them with the best customized solution possible.

4. Safe & Secure

Microsoft takes extreme precaution to prevent getting victimized by cybercriminals.

It features built-in scanning capabilities and alerts users in case of any suspicious attempts of hacking the system.

A managed service provider like Xperteks® becomes your network watchdog, providing regular checkups to ensure that operating system patches, antivirus updates and upgrades, and other important elements are proactively guarded.

Office 365 comes with new opportunities for developers, business owners, students and many common people reaching out with new ideas.

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