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Why Choose Network Management For Your Business With Xperteks

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The Coronavirus pandemic has taken not only world health but also the global economy by storm. There have been over 3 million COVID-19 cases reported globally, as of April 30. (Source). But network management can make a difference.

The New York State officials have declared that “Schools and nonessential businesses will remain closed through May 15”. However, chances of this lockdown extending for another few months may come as no surprise, in case the rate of infection is not curbed in time.

Thus, working from home may just become the ‘New Normal’ for the foreseeable future. That said, how will American businesses continue to be successful with a remote workforce? They learn to adapt!

Such unprecedented times call for effective management. Now is when you need to ensure business continuity by securing connectivity and access to vital company resources.

Here’s where Xperteks Network Management can help. We can provide you and every employee with seamless and hassle-free access to your company resources, from virtually anywhere.

What Is Network Management?

Network management is a process of administering the network infrastructure that connects your business tablets, phones, workstations, and all other digital devices for increased productivity.

It can be considered as the first line of defense against any kind of cyber threat.

Here’s How Xperteks’ Network Management Will Help Your Business

1. Analyze Your Infrastructure

For any IT service to work efficiently, refined compatibility is important. And that’s what Xperteks will do.

It will analyze your infrastructure, the overall network load, the measure that needs to be taken, the severity of all, and the critical junctions to be protected.

2. Smooth Transitioning

Network administration, network operation, network security, and network maintenance are the key pillars of network management.

Even if one of them misbehaves, the entire system will be at risk. Thus, Xperteks will prepare an effective system for smooth operation between all of these conjunctions.

Helping Small Businesses Survive The Massive Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Why Your Business Needs Network Management Services?

Why your business needs Network Management Services

1. 24*7 Monitoring

We understand the importance of every millisecond that your business is at a halt due to a network error. The loss can financially take your business months behind.

The network management will act as a guard against any unfortunate security interruptions. It will give the ability to visualize the threat and diagnose it before it gets out of hand.

With 24*7 proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting, you can expect the most possible threats to be solved, even before they start to affect your network performance.

Xperteks offers a robust network infrastructure management system, which is fully operational at all times, for the safety of your business.

2. Performance Reports & Real-Time Inventory

The performance reports are very critical for visibility and accountability.

A real-time inventory can help your business analyze the budget allocation on network spending.

All the important network components creating potential loopholes, need to be replaced in time. Such components can be identified with the real-time inventory feature that comes with network management.

3. Automated Troubleshooting

Not all threats deserve your entire attention for being resolved. You can’t afford to focus on every issue that comes your way that will just be a waste of your time and resources.

Therefore, Xperteks provides automated troubleshooting tools for fast issue resolution. These tools gain remote access to your infrastructure devices and resolve the issue promptly.

4. Excellent Network Maintenance

Deploying a good network management system is the first step towards securing your business functioning. While the next is network maintenance.

Xperteks’ network maintenance will help you avoid even a second of downtime. Here’s our guide to managing a network effectively.

Working from home will seem more seamless than ever before with excellent maintenance of your network. No interruptions and no waste of time!

5. Automated Backups

Human error or advanced loopholes can cause a temporary shutdown of the network infrastructure. To get your business up and running, automated backups are essential.

Xperteks is known for its reliable automated backups in New York. Such backups take care of the network infrastructure configurations to ensure the effective restoration of services once the issue is resolved.

6. Real-Time View

It is important for you to keep check of all the devices and the happenings around them.

Hence, Xperteks provides a real-time view of your system network and the devices on it, including how they are connected.
This might be more useful during the lockdown, to ensure that your network is not being intruded by an unknown device.

Why Xperteks?

Xperteks is a 2020 CRN-awarded leading provider of IT Services in NYC. We have also been featured by Channel Futures as MSP 501 top rated MSP and recently partnered with ADT cybersecurity to secure our large pool of customers efficiently.

Our network management system is among the competitive services we offer and no doubt it is since our system is powered by best-in-class software vendors.

To find out how Xperteks can help you secure your network, contact us at 212.206.6262 and our experts will guide you thereafter.

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