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9 Most Common Microsoft Office Problems & Their Quick Solutions

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There are a plethora of services that the Office Suite provides in its Excel. Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access Ecosystem are some of them. but many lead to common Microsoft Office Problems.

Every update brings new features, like the Office 2019 brought features like:

  1. Adding Visual Impact
  2. Extensive Use Of 3D Models
  3. Inking
  4. Functions
  5. Accessibility Fixes


Managing your resources in accordance with all the ongoing updates is a complex task, Hence, getting help from an experienced NYC IT service provider becomes a necessity. They are always available at your disposal, helping your organization function without any hindrances.

Some Microsoft Office problems arise more frequently than others, However, if you know the solution to these frequent problems, you will no longer need to contact an IT support technician for minor issues.

This will not only save you time but also free up your organization’s IT support resources. And they will be able to focus more on complex tasks instead of the nominal issues.

9 Most Common Microsoft Office Issues & Their Solutions


1. Incorrect Outlook Password

Collaboration is the key aspect of working in an organization. But it has its own demerits. If anyone in the organization changes the password and you remain uninformed, all you’ll be left with is head scratches.

Or worse, you’re not aware of who changed the password, you can experience a major productivity set-back, while this might also pose a security concern.

To avoid such a hassle, all you need to do is:

a. Click on the ‘forgot password’ option and you will be led to a new page. Enter an alternate email address to receive further notifications regarding this issue.

b. Insert the right details as mentioned by the Microsoft team in the recovery form. This will include the date the account was created, the location it has been operated in, phone or systems it has been used on, and so on.

c. Give as much relevant information as you can. The Microsoft team will review your application. This entire review process can take a few hours on weekdays. You might have to wait a couple of days on weekends.

d. After you get the ‘Set new password’ link, make sure that your new password follows the Microsoft’s guidelines, i.e. a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

e. Congratulations, you have successfully recovered your account!

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2. Outlook Crashes

Over time, outlook gets clogged with files and starts to display limitations. It will take more time than expected to load and might even cause scroll-lags.

And sometimes, it will close unexpectedly. The best solution for this problem is to archive old files that are not in use and free-up the resources. You can also delete unnecessary large files to see some substantial performance improvements.

3. Office Installation Error

It is a common phenomenon to face issues while installing Microsoft Office and several companies complain about this frequently.

The error usually occurs if you have an older generation Office Suite. This can bring up problems like:

  1. Incorrect password
  2. Slower installation than usual
  3. Automatic suspension of the window
  4. Non-responsive window

To tackle such problems, carry out the installation process under the supervision of a Microsoft technician. This help can be done in-person or via screen sharing with remote assistance.

Both work fine and will give you a clean installation experience. But if you have been guilty for not following this procedure, then you can rectify your mistake by reinstalling the Office Suite.

Before you go ahead, first ensure that the previous Office installations are uninstalled in a clean manner.

4. Blue Screen

Technically, the blue screen is not an Office 365 problem but a Microsoft OS issue. However, this screen could unexpectedly show up while using the Office Suite.

This occurs due to the recent driver updates or any hardware failures. A simple restart or a hard reboot can fix this problem.

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5. Unsaved Documents

You can always expect some minor mistakes while multitasking. But these mistakes can cost you big-time if you do not have a system to back you up.

And closing a file unexpectedly is one of the most committed mistakes while multitasking. Thus, if you too have the habit of repeating this mistake every once in a while, then AutoSave features are best for you.

AutoSave works in direct accordance with OneDrive. Thus, every file that you work on is automatically saved after every change you make.

Hence, the next time you accidentally close a file, you can go to the OneDrive repository and retrieve your data.

6. Delays In Opening Word Documents

This was quite evident after the Fall Creators Update aka Windows 10 Version 1709. Several users report that their word documents take longer than usual to open and sometimes, crashes abruptly.

The reason behind this slowdown is the new version of the Office Suite actively tracking and scanning for malicious content that can compromise your security and expose your organization’s confidential information.

Microsoft claims to have been working on this issue, further stating that future updates will be devoid of it.

7. Business Contact Manager Crash

Business Contact Manager (BCM) is one of the most important Outlook add-on for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing frequent crashes like most of the problems on this list, then this is most likely due to the recent system updates — especially if you’ve updated from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10.

The simple solution to this problem is reinstallation of ‘Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework’.

8. Unable To Print Word Documents

To resolve this issue, start with looking out for basic hardware shortcomings. Some common instances include lack of paper or ink and no connectivity.

If your hardware is in check and you still face issues while printing, then deem the issue to be a technical one and try troubleshooting. Go to ‘device manager’ and select the ‘printer’ section. Start with the troubleshooting process and your issue will get resolved within seconds.

If the problem still persists, then an IT support technician is your last yet best resort.

9. Sync Problems

Have you closed a file to later realise your data wasn’t saved? Then, know what sync issues are.

The root of this problem could be as simple as a bad internet connection yet your worst nightmare. Hence, always ensure that your WiFi or ethernet cable is tightly connected before closing any files.

If the problem persists, then click on the ‘WiFi tab’ in the status bar, go to ‘network & internet settings’, and double click on ‘network troubleshooter’. This will fix your issue, instantly.

Didn’t Find Your Problem Listed Above?

We have listed the most common Microsoft Office problems. However, if you’ve been facing issues apart from the aforementioned ones, then yours is a critical problem.

However, every problem has a solution. If you cannot resolve any issues yourself, we recommend contacting an experienced IT support team to resolve it for you.

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