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4 Ways To Maximize Your Work-From-Home Productivity With IT Support In NYC | Xperteks

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Gone are the days when IT support was a mere support anchor for small and mid-sized businesses. Today, it is the key to Work-From-Home Productivity.

It has now become a necessity, majorly due to the new-found significance of mobility amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Uninterrupted productivity and smooth business operations are widely driven by seamless tech support. Let’s take a deep look at which tools can help you.

4 Ways IT Support Can Help You Be More Productive During Lockdown

1. Leveraging Microsoft Teams

Let me tell you that Microsoft Teams is free to download and use.

It is a great tool, especially during the lockdown as it lets you connect to your colleagues and provides a plethora of choices to exchange media, files, conferences, and plenty of other resources.

This tool not only allows CEOs to conduct town hall meetings with several employees at once but also allows students and teachers to connect through virtual classrooms, in turn, boosting the productivity of remote work and learning across the world.

Why Is Xperteks Helping Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Leverage Microsoft Teams?



2. Employing Helpdesk

We all need help. In times where physical contact is limited, solving problems on the go has now become more crucial than ever!

Being productive becomes challenging if the communication medium is ineffective or your IT team is not available or it’s just not the right time!

It’s more crucial than ever to have helpdesk work for you than you working on your issues! They should be available for you 24/7 to ensure optimal and reliable support.

There’s no better time than right now to make the most of IT support in NYC. Xperteks understands the need of the hour, that’s why we promise to be there for you any time of the day or night.

Working late? Working early? Working over weekends amidst the lockdown? No problem at all! Anytime you run into an issue with your equipment, our team is ready to help.

We have developed our system in such a way that each time you call us, our system recognizes your telephone number and displays your customer profile so we can quickly address your request.

3. Leveraging Windows Virtual Desktop


Today, the business environment asks employees to work-from-home upfront due to the pandemic uprise.

You can’t avoid such circumstances, however, you can ensure that the productivity of your remote workforce adds to your advantage.

So how do you manage such a huge workforce and ensure productivity all at the same time? Which tool enables us to achieve this?
It’s Microsoft Azure.

There are certain challenges faced while building a cloud desktop architecture, that is where Xperteks steps in to build the infrastructure with Microsoft Azure!

This is what you call a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). The current workforce asks for mobility, performance, and flexibility and that’s exactly what you get through this. Furthermore, WVD provides your employees access to their corporate desktop at any time from anywhere!

4. Deploying Cybersecurity

Antivirus is long lost among organizations. It only prevents ‘known’ threats but is oblivious to unknown threats.

If you still rely on antivirus software to beat world cyber threats, you’re setting yourself up for big trouble ahead. Also, trying to work with the understanding that you could be hacked any second doesn’t add to work productivity nor mental security!

Cyber hackers work tirelessly to find flaws in systems that aren’t secured or have outdated firewalls.

Working from home has quadrupled the chances of hackers breaking into systems. Since employees work on their home computers with no proper security in place, imagine how temporarily UNSAFE your data is!

Over 50% of small business owners experience a cyber-attack that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars. Moreover, nearly 60% of those victims close their doors permanently in less than 6 months due to a cybersecurity breach. Thus, Every Business, No Matter the Size, Must Protect Themselves from Today’s Cyber Attacks

Xperteks provides a cybersecurity program that is simple and cost-effective, which includes secured cloud VPN and networking, security orchestration and response, cloud firewall, real-time threat protection, and ZeroTrust technology in one low-cost solution.

Let Xperteks help you safeguard your organization even when your employees are working from home amidst this lockdown.

Stay safe without compromising your productivity, today!

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