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5 Emerging 2022 IT Trends

5 Emerging Trends For IT Consultants In 2022

Today, the demand for remote work is on a rapid rise. As this trend continues to expand and become popular with time passing by, it’s only natural that clients come knocking at your door asking you to prioritize digitization to ensure they get what’s needed from their IT consultant in NYC to take advantage of Emerging 2022 IT Trends.

It is predicted that in 2022 there will be an increased demand for strategy as companies attempt to hone in on their target markets. In addition, the need for SMEs and niche branding strategies also takes precedence over other trends because they are crucial players within today’s business world.

It makes this essential to consultants who should know about these upcoming changes before anyone else does. Below is the list of five trends for IT consultants:

1. Demand For Niche Area Expertise

The demand for SMEs is high in businesses that require a technical approach to operations and culture. These experts can guide on topics ranging from IT security, data privacy laws like GDPR or PCI compliance- just some examples, among many others.

The IT consultant’s role is becoming more critical than ever before. As consulting industries shift focus from high-value short-term projects to long-term strategy development, small business owners will need SMEs like never before.

The demand for strategies will change in 2022 and beyond as expertise in niche areas/sectors dominate new trends. IT consultants provide unique offerings around these particular topics and can stand out from other businesses by providing what customers need.

2. Integrate Right Technology For Your Niche

Combining your niche with the right technology for your business strategy is essential. Businesses today rely heavily on tech, so consultants need an edge by leveraging it themselves instead of going against what they can work towards together.

By leveraging the benefits of digital transformation, companies can achieve their business goals and deliver measurable results. For consultants, this means creating a strategy that considers what’s important for clients and getting input from stakeholders before designing an optimum solution tailored specifically to them.

Businesses need a solid digital transformation plan to help establish their business amongst the competition to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Growing Relevance Of IT Support In Remote Work Culture

3. Technology Need & Evaluation Innovation Process

At Xperteks, we believe that the quality of your evaluation process is key to ending up with a software solution you will use. That’s why our IT consultants spend time going through every inch and detail during an in-depth technical analysis instead of just recurring some quick checks.

You can reduce the complexity of your evaluation by harnessing innovative technological tools to make it easier for you. This will help avoid any bias or time wasted in finding a solution that isn’t ideal for what’s required, which means more efficient use output.

The success of a digital transformation also relies on understanding the correct requirements. Of course, it seems manageable, but without talking about what matters and gaining their trust first-hand through collaborating with them about what needs doing, reducing any risks in choosing an imperfect solution that may work out better long term.

4. Focus On Core Than The Non-Core Activities

The way organizations operate today is changing. According to Source Global Research’s report on this topic – ‘Organizations Have undergone a fundamental rethink of their core/non-core issues.’ They found that companies have moved away from focusing solely on profit maximization towards achieving customer satisfaction through innovative solutions or products while also ensuring stability for employees who rely upon them financially.

“Non-core” activities are typically defined as day-to-day routine tasks that add little value and aren’t a profit centre. However, technology has changed the game and is up against a wall nowadays. So it’s no longer considered non-core. Instead, it helps propel our business forward with more efficiency than ever before.

This means that the future of business is in technology’s hands. This is because technology will handle more and more tasks, including those which were once considered “core” functions for an organization – meaning they can’t be done by hand or with simple tools like spreadsheets anymore.

5. Digital Transformation Of Consultants

The consultant’s role has been redefined and will continue to change in 2022. In the past, they would visit offices or locations of clients to understand their needs first hand, but this is no longer necessary with modern technology at its disposal.

From now on, in-person consulting is out, and remote work with virtual communication will be the new normal. Tools that help you gather requirements quickly or collaborate remotely will become increasingly popular as they automate tedious processes for both parties involved.

The future of work is remote. As a result, the demand for specialized and skilled resources will increase as automation becomes increasingly prominent in the business world, taking away from face-to-face interaction between employees across different locations.


These trends will impact the future landscape of an IT consultant in NYC, and this post helped you think about how to stay relevant in this rapidly changing field. Xperteks can help you with your digital transformation by using these 5 tips for staying ahead of the curve.

The demand for niche area expertise means you’ll need to be able to offer more specific services or risk being left behind by competitors who have taken advantage of innovations. You’ll also need to integrate the right technologies with your niche, so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed trying to cope with the latest developments.

You can focus on core activities allowing your business the free time to innovate by hiring consultants specializing in specific areas like cybersecurity or cloud computing.

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