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2022 Business Cybersecurity Trends

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The world changed as the pandemic hit us and proved beneficial to cybercriminals. SolarWinds hack is one such incident that explains how the current situations are favorable to the hackers and other 2022 Business Cybersecurity Trends.

According to Brad Smith, Microsoft president, it is the most sophisticated cyberattack of all time. Such incidents amplify the importance of cybersecurity in NYC to mitigate such threats on the onset.

The entire society, including the present scenario of work from home, has increased the online presence, giving hackers, extortionists, and scammers to take advantage of this situation. For 2022, the businesses need to be on their toes as there is no sign of these incidents stopping soon and have measures to reduce the risk.

Let’s dive into the details of all the cybersecurity trends of this year.

Growing Ransomware Threat

61% of technology executives anticipate that the ransomware threat will increase in 2022, according to the research by PwC. The ransomware infects devices with a virus that locks all the files behind cryptography, which is unbreakable and poses a threat to destroy it all unless the demanded amount of money isn’t paid. Usually, the money is in the format of cryptocurrency, which is untraceable.

The other threat it poses is publishing all the data in the public domain, making the organization vulnerable to many fines. It is typically deployed via phishing attacks. For instance, your employees are tricked into giving details or clicking on a link that downloads the ransomware software into the computer. Other incidents that are becoming common are a direct infection through a USB device and individuals who have physically accessed the machines.

Now, what’s more, troubling is how these types of attacks are significantly targeted towards critical infrastructures, like water treatment facilities. Set attacks are endangering lives! The most effective way to tackle such a threat is education. Educating your employees lowers the chances of becoming a victim yourself.

Cybersecurity: Myth Vs. Reality

Identifying Weakest Link

Cybersecurity exposure and risk are playing a critical role now in partnership decisions. There is truth to the statement that you are only as strong as your weakest link. Now businesses will be increasingly more cautious to avoid the potential vulnerability.

This will increase cybersecurity resilience in organizations and is a crucial factor when deciding who to partner with. According to Gartner’s research, 60% of organizations by 2025 will use cybersecurity risk as a deciding factor then choose with whom they will conduct the business. Additionally, in the wake of the European General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and other similar regulations, several organizations are at the risk of huge penalties if they make any information security slip-ups.

This implies rigorous vetting of every partner who has access to the organization’s system or data. In addition, businesses should place security measures to avoid any slip-ups in the future, like choosing cybersecurity as a service and compliance management services.

Malvertising Attacks

This is a new form of cybercrime, also known as malicious advertising. The cybercriminals add code within these digital ads that redirect the users to the malicious websites and install malware on their devices. As a result, it’s challenging for any user on the Internet or even the publisher to identify it. Unfortunately, such advertisements on websites reach consumers through legitimate advertising networks presenting infection risk.

Even globally well-known companies have unintentionally displayed malicious ads on their website. As also previously pointed out, education is the best way to prevent malvertising attacks and mitigate the infection risk. You can also avoid it by ensuring that the extensions and software are updated, avoiding the use of Flash or Java programs, ad blocker and antivirus software is installed, etc.

You can also follow a few steps to reduce the risk and not lead your web visitors to malicious advertising. First, always scan & then plan to display it and evaluate third-party ads networks that inspect, choose and run ads. Also, avoid using JavaScript or Flash in ads.

Protect Your Business

With the threat of cyberattacks continuing to grow, it’s more important than ever for businesses to make cybersecurity in NYC their priority. This year has seen ransomware attacks increase significantly, and with no end in sight, this is expected to continue to grow exponentially.

Cybersecurity trends are also changing as hackers become savvier about attacking their targets. As a result, organizations must stay up-to-date on these evolving threats so they’re able to protect themselves against future hacks and data breaches.

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