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Cybersecurity Myths Vs. Reality

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A cybersecurity expert once said, “Trust no one.” With the recent high-profile data breaches and security concerns in the news, it’s easy to see why yiu need to understand Cybersecurity myths vs. realities.

But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. So it seems as new threats emerge from everywhere we turn that could put your company at risk – but is this true?

Below are a few common myths about cybersecurity so you can judge for yourself if your business might be safe.

8 Top Prevalent Cybersecurity Myths

There are so many cybersecurity threats out there, but what are the popular cybersecurity myths you should know about? Let’s take a look!

Myth #1: “My antivirus software will protect me against all cybersecurity threats out there.”

Reality: One of the most prevalent cybersecurity myths is that you can rely on traditional cybersecurity tools like antivirus software to fully protect your business and data.  The reality is that cybersecurity tools only help to remove malware; they cannot currently prevent it. In addition, malware writers can write new malware so quickly that cybersecurity tools cannot possibly keep up with it.

Myth #2: “Hackers are only after large businesses. Cybersecurity Myths or Reality?”

Reality: While hackers tend to go for bigger targets, they do not limit their activities to these larger entities. Small business cybersecurity myths like this one commonly lead smaller businesses to ignore cybersecurity altogether, which can be very dangerous.

Myth #3: “Strong password is enough to keep you safe.”

Reality: Cybersecurity experts recommend that passwords be changed every 90 days. Unfortunately, 28% of people at companies do not change their passwords for over a year. So even though cybersecurity technologies provide top-rate protection, passwords are the first line of defense.

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Myth #4: “Cybersecurity is complicated to implement. Cybersecurity Myths or Reality?”

Reality: Cybersecurity is becoming more accessible and more affordable for everyone to use, including smaller businesses. Even cybersecurity software can cost less than $10/month with a manageable monthly subscription model. Small businesses need to protect against cybersecurity threats as large ones do, but they are commonly unaware of the dangers or lack the tools necessary to stay secure. The reality is that cybersecurity tools only help to remove malware; they cannot currently prevent it. In addition, malware writers can write new malware so quickly that cybersecurity tools cannot possibly keep up.

Myth #5: “If there is a password on a Wi-Fi network, it’s secure.”

Reality: Anyone can use a Wi-Fi network. Password or not, cybersecurity still applies. Tools are available that let you see all of the devices connected to your network using the WLAN API. Most cybersecurity experts agree that passwords are not enough security for Wi-Fi networks and should be replaced by encryption technology.

Myth #6: “If I have cybersecurity software, my computer is secure. Cybersecurity Myths or Reality?”

Reality: Cybersecurity software helps remove malware from systems after it has already breached the system’s defenses. According to experts, cybersecurity software cannot keep up with ever-developing cybersecurity threats because new malware appears almost daily. This means cybersecurity software only catches known strains of ransomware rather than new ones as they develop.

Myth #7: “I don’t have cybersecurity software, so I am not a target.”

Reality: Even large companies with cybersecurity teams and cybersecurity software still fall victim to ransomware attacks since the malware is typically installed through a phishing email sent to a vulnerable employee. Once inside the network, attackers can navigate around systems until they find the data they want to encrypt, which may be months later after passing undetected through cybersecurity measures. The effects of these cyber-attacks can include your company losing money, valuable intellectual property, and sometimes even business reputation.

Myth #8: “You won’t get hacked if you’re cybersecurity-savvy. Cybersecurity Myths or Reality?”

Reality: The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving, and cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated every year. While regular communication and training can help protect your company, cybersecurity experts recommend a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to stay ahead of the curve. The reality is that cybersecurity protection needs to be continuous, and cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought.


You must know about cybersecurity myths like the ones presented here because they can lead you or your business to make critical errors in cybersecurity practices – especially if your business falls into the small-sized category!

Staying safe in the digital world can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of the most prevalent myths about cybersecurity that you may not know.

If it sounds familiar or you want help implementing a security plan for your company, contact us today.

Our experts will help you and work with you to develop an effective cybersecurity strategy based on myth vs. reality and protect your business against all cyber threats out there.

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