How Cloud Voice Services Gives Small Businesses Enterprise Capabilities at Fraction of the Cost

How Cloud Voice Services Gives Small Businesses Enterprise Capabilities at Fraction of the Cost

Growing old is inevitable; growing up is optional; this is something that every small business should consider when desiring to build their empire. But, those small businesses have many questions regarding their growth, especially in regards to today’s technology.

One such technology is Cloud-based voice services. Some business owners don’t even know what VoIP stands for? It stands for VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL and it is similar to what it sounds like!

Here is what makes VoIP such an interesting concept; it is a voice service that makes complete use of available internet connectivity to make calls and employs offsite servers in the cloud to save the data. What business owners need to understand is that this technology has transformed Voice services on the internet. VoIP is just another software application on the network with the specific function of delivering voice services over the internet directly to any cell phone, landline or office phone. Small to mid-sized businesses can now gain the same functions and features of a phone system that were typically only available for large companies that could afford these complex systems.

What are the many benefits of using VoIP in your small business to make more efficient and productive?

Here is what we believe are the top benefits:

Pricing it right- Gone are the days of purchasing expensive on-premise phone systems. The entire phone system can be provided and sized to fit your needs based on the amount of employees and features that your require. Standard features such as voicemail to email and fax to email can be easily included.

Once the cloud-based voice services are customized for the business, then the company will enjoy phone features and functions typically reserved for large businesses at a cost that is much more affordable for small businesses. The specified price for all the features, dial tone and even the equipment that is charged, is in accordance with each employee (also referred to as per station or seat).

Usually, VoIP costs less than the premiere based phone services, especially when taking any usage-based domestic calling plans into consideration as VoIP service providers often bundle long distance minutes into their anticipated monthly recurring fees. Additionally, a VoIP setup usually needs far less hardware.

Easy availability of data- With the evolution of cloud-based voice service, you can easily track and accumulate data that will stimulate the growth of your business. Also, with data solution options you can easily store information you collect during the phone calls.

Another new facility of VoIP is that it permits you to send your voicemail messages straight into your email boxes, easier for you to retrieve those messages without having to locate your desk phone or dial into voicemail.

Easing the call routing process- When you use premise based phone system, it is labor intensive as you need to manage the call routing and difficulty increases when you have to make on the fly changes to how the calls are handled.

Let's consider a situation of major weather event or loss of power to understand the significance of having a hosted VoIP system. In the event of a power loss or hurricane,  any authorized person in the team can quickly change the routing of calls which can also be done from home, on the road, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Service is improved- With improved technology, integration of data, connections, and call logging you can improve the service provided to your customers as you can track the call information better.

Customer service is always an important part of any business and improving it would efficiently improve your business, stimulating the growth. Shifting your voice services to the cloud is a quick and painless way to upgrade your customer service, in shorter order.

Productivity increases- What does having easy access to these advanced phone features do to your employees? It permits them to do everything quickly and accurately ultimately leading your company to be more productive.

Also, the cloud services help you to be more productive anywhere you have internet access. Business VoIP phone systems can be installed on your mobile handsets providing you the freedom to access your business at any time of the day; facilitating you to communicating with your customers and continue working while you are away from your office.

Convenient to use- Summing up with the best benefit of cloud-based voice system is that it's user-friendly, giving you a way to customize according to your preference and regular software updates.

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