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Why It’s Critical To Choose A Cybersecure MSP?

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Are you wondering why businesses require a Cybersecure MSP? The cyber attackers realized two years back in 2019 that they can wreak havoc when they go after MSPs. Several MSPs start adapting to this emerging threat and hold on their own. Undoubtedly, all SMBs and MSPs alike are facing growing cyber incidents across the board.

However, it is simple to understand when MSPs try to think like cyber attackers and realize why they are the prime objective. An MSP is the door of opportunity to numerous other hosts and networks of companies they manage. It is much better for them to target an MSP to access several SMBs in one attempt rather than targeting each SMB one by one.

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill.

So, MSPs like Xperteks are prepared to deal with such imminent threats that organizations like these are are bound to face. Considering the situation and starting to act on it to learn to adapt is a start.

What Exactly Happened In 2020 To Lead To This Scenario?

According to the Perch Security MSP threat report 2nd edition of its annual report issued in 2021 based on the top threats for MSP cybersecurity from last year. The conclusions that this cyber threat report reached since 2020 are:

  1. Data exfiltration is a standard practice
  2. Continuation of buffalo jumps (the situation where MSPs are sought after rather than SMBs)
  3. Ransomware is extending its reach to the cloud

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Kaseya Ransomware Attack

There was a recent ransomware attack on Kaseya on July 2nd, an IT solution developer for enterprise clients and MSPs. The attackers went ahead with the ransomware attack by taking advantage of Kaseya’s VSA software vulnerabilities against numerous MSPs and their clients.

However, only 0.1% of their clients are embroiled in this attack, as per Kaseya’s CEO. But the clients also include MSPs which implies that many smaller businesses are also breached during this attack. About 800 to 1500 SMBs are caught up in the incident as per a rough estimation. It happened due to the ransomware compromise of their MSPs.

Kaseya’s CEO Fred Voccola said, ” Unfortunately, this happened, and it happens. Doesn’t make it okay. It just means it’s the way the world we live in is today.”

According to a press release by Kaseya on July 6th, ” while impact approximately 50 of Kaseya’s customers, was never a threat nor had any impact to critical infrastructure.”

How MSPs Need To Consider Moving Forward With Emerging Threats?

The top priorities of MSPs in the second half of 2021 are:

  1. Data is invaluable irrespective of the company size, so MSPs and their customers require to accept that their data is at risk.
  2. MSPs require to evaluate not only the security of their customers but for themselves as well.
  3. They must create a plan for every customer to help them enhance their security measures for the upcoming threats.
  4. They require to make temporary modifications to ensure the security of the remote workforce. Even the above cyber threat report states that MSPs need to assess all security solutions in place and how the remote work is operating from their distinct locations.

SMBs Will Rely On MSPs To Provide Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is a dependable way for small businesses to protect themselves against the growing sophisticated threats. SMBs will look forward to MSPs to protect against the significant attack and flow of continuous threats to reach the state of cyber resilience.

This is an incredible opportunity for MSPs to lead customers out of this complex cybersecurity and data protection solutions maze to ensure that their clients receive proper resources to protect their business.

MSPs can assure customers’ in-depth defense by staying on top of the security updates and endpoint protection.

Xperteks Can Help Prevent Cyber Threats

With growing sophisticated attacks, it is no wonder small businesses need cybersecure MSPs. Getting MSP support is a significant step to maintain the safety of your business. However, the last part of this puzzle to reach cyber resilience is teamwork.

There is no single solution to protect a business as it takes collaboration to counter these threats. The relationship is mutually reliant on one another as MSPs require security expertise to fill the gaps, just as SMBs need MSPs to achieve cyber resilience.

Xperteks offer custom-built solutions to SMBs to meet their needs. Partnering with us can help you access threat intelligence, endpoint protection, backup & recovery, other similar solutions.

Get in touch with us today to secure your business.

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