How Business Wi-Fi Helps Drive Revenue and Customer Retention

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The number of people using smartphones has increased drastically, in turn, increasing the demand for Wi-Fi. 

Around 77% of the people living in the U.S. are estimated to use smartphones in 2019, which is a 35% increase from that recorded in 2011, as per the Pew Research Center. 

This indicates that the Internet, via mobile data or Wi-Fi plays a major role in the lives of all smartphone users. 

That said, imagine the benefits of adopting business Wi-Fi if you own a business. 

Business WiFi is a secure, wireless internet connection for offices, shops, and other businesses. Both, the staff and customers can gain access to this Wi-Fi, while keeping business information safe as well as facilitating customer behavior analysis.

If you’re wondering how business Wi-Fi can help your business, then we’ve created the perfect guide for you.

4 Benefits of Business Wi-Fi You Should Know About

1. To Gather Customer Information

If you want to be on the minds of your customers, you know that you need to invest time and energy in promoting your business well. 

To do that, you must target your customers the right way. You can do this by gathering information about them, which can further help guide your business operational and promotional activities.

However, several brands still lack the necessary data to analyze the behavior of their shoppers. 

This very problem is easily resolved by adopting business Wi-Fi.

When a customer creates an account to use your company’s Wi-Fi, they are prompted to accept certain terms of your service in order to gain access. 

These terms include the collection of information that can be used to help grow your business. 

Furthermore, your service provider can also help you gain additional advantages at your establishment by helping you gather information about Wi-Fi users in your area, whether or not they are connected to your Wi-Fi. 

This type of setup can, in turn, help you acquire analytics and behavioral data that can further be used to enhance the experience for your customers.

2. To Market Your Business 

Business WiFi brings with it a significant advantage—Wi-Fi marketing—that can further prove to be an effective marketing tool. 

As per stats conducted by Black BX, "Wi-Fi marketing has proven to convert 5x more customers than the industry average. Additionally, 25% of people who receive an SMS message are likely to return, significantly higher than the industry average."

If your business is looking to increase engagement, loyalty, and customer retention, then Wi-Fi marketing is the tool for you. 

You gain control of the marketing content that various customers see. Based on the location of the customer, you can provide customized content to serve their needs.

Your Business Can:

  • Deliver non-invasive marketing messages
  • Send custom deals and coupons to customers based on their user behavior and interests
  • Implement targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Encourage the customer’s use of social media to write business reviews and increase brand awareness
  • Send customer surveys to get direct feedback from your target audience
  • Reward repeat customers for their business
  • Market to your customers at the right place and time to increase conversion rates by sending useful and customer-centric information. 

3. To Encourage Prolonged Stay

By far, the most prominent and beneficial use of business Wi-Fi is the tendency of customers to increase their length of stay at your business. 

With the increasing inclination toward live-streaming as well as continuous access to the web and social media, customers tend to find Wi-Fi service at a business the most significant. 

Yes, it’s more important than you think! 

According to a report by Small Business Trends, as many as 62% of businesses noticed customers spending more time on their premises when Wi-Fi access was offered

If you own a small restaurant or a coffee shop, you can reap the maximum benefits of business Wi-Fi, as the longer a customer lingers at your shop, the more likely they are to continue purchasing additional food and beverage items.

Furthermore, businesses that need their customers to wait on them while they get their work done can also adopt this service. For instance, if auto mechanics have business Wi-Fi, their customers would find waiting for a rather quick and pleasing experience.

4. To Enhance Customer Experience

The quality of products and services is a priority to customers. However, the way you make them feel also has a significant impact on them. 

Thus, it only makes sense that your business pays close attention to details that make up for customer experience. 

Business Wi-Fi enables access to customer data, which, in turn, can be used to create a more personalized experience based on behavior to provide exceptional customer service. 

The most effective way of going about this would be to add value to customers as they enter your store.  

The adoption of smartphones has increased rapidly over the years, and every other customer is bound to have their phones in hand while walking into a store. 

Your business can grasp their attention by sending messages to their phones regarding offers and deals on products within your store. Furthermore, you could use their previous buying habits to your advantage by sending them discount coupons.  

Higher the level of timeliness and relevancy in your messages, the higher will be the rate of your consumers buying those items.

The key is to make your consumers feel understood and unique, and they'll most likely revisit your store. Your customers can, as a result, connect with your business better, in turn, increasing the possibility of them patronizing your brand. 

Thus, adopting the right business Wi-Fi solution can help your business surpass the basic service of Wi-Fi and start creating personalized experiences, which will ultimately garner more profits and long-term customer loyalty.

How Xperteks Can Help

If you want to drive more traffic into your store, retain existing customers, and grow your revenue, then business Wi-Fi is what you need.

Xperteks can help you with a suitable device for Business Wi-Fi in New York City and can install it for you at reasonable costs.

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